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Summer Party Ideas: Create Memorable Moments with Your Loved Ones

@Echo Neon | Aug 11th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Summer is a favourite season for several people—bright skies, a warm atmosphere, and great weather for outdoor activities. The summer season is also a great time to hold events you have been planning all year. Whether it is beach parties, family get-togethers, reunions, or office picnics, summer creates an avenue for fun-filled activities.

However, adequate planning and organization for your event are vital to creating lasting memories. In this article, we’ll explore great summer party decoration ideas to help plan a colourful and fun-filled summer party.

Summer Party Theme Inspirations

A summer party can be inspired by several factors, one of such is the desire to spend time with your friends and family. To effectively plan your summer party, the first step is to decide on a theme. Your party theme will help to determine the types of decorations and other critical inputs for a successful event. Hence, here are a few ideas:

Park Picnic:

outdoor party table decor

One fun way to spend your summer is a gathering at the park with your special people. It is an easy and convenient option for a summer party; choose a local park close to you and set up some blankets. Decorations can be as minimal as possible to create an inviting ambience.

Refreshments should be planned to accommodate everyone, and always have chilled bottles to help with the warmth. You can keep everyone entertained with some games like Monopoly or Frisbee. It is an excellent option for family reunions, office gatherings, or get-togethers with friends.

Summer Beach Party:

It is summer season, so it is beach season! The beach is the perfect place to unwind and let off some summer heat. Going to the beach with your loved ones makes it an even better experience. You can spice things up with a bonfire when it’s not so warm at sunset.

It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up with your loved ones away from everyone’s busy schedules and activities. You can enjoy great music and drinks from a beach club while you catch up. Incredible decorations can help to give the perfect ambience, making everyone feel at ease.

Pool Party:

Nothing is as refreshing as being in a pool of cool water to soak up some of summer’s warmth. Inviting your special people to enjoy some refreshing moments makes it more enjoyable as you can create memorable moments.

You can hold a pool party in your pool or invite your people over to a local pool. Wherever you choose as your pool party location, incredible decorations, good music, and enough space are required for a successful event.

Summer Garden Party:

Your garden is another excellent choice for a small summer party with your family and close relations. The beautiful summer weather, in addition to the natural environment, helps to keep everyone warm and in a great mood. Gather everyone with their favourite snacks and drinks and some great mood, and watch memories get created.

The warm ambience means you do not need to set up too much for decorations. Minimalistic designs and lighting can help to enhance the atmosphere a bit without doing too much.

Ice cream-themed party:

Are you seeking an “out of the blues” experience for your summer party? Then this party inspiration is a great one for you. Ice cream is typically a top choice for dessert in summer, and everyone loves ice cream, right?  

Hence, you can take advantage of this and organize an ice cream party with your friends. Set up an ice cream stand where there are several toppings and flavours of ice cream for everyone. You can make it more fun by using ice cream-inspired decorations to elevate the mood.

Summer Party Theme Decorations

There are several summer party ideas that can help make your time with your loved ones memorable, as we have discussed. However, decorations are a vital part of your events as they can help to boost the mood and aid relaxation. Great decorations can also help to infuse fun and togetherness in your gatherings. Hence, these must-have decoration items below will add flair, charm, and beauty to your summer party.  

Neon signs:

mermaid tail pink purple aesthetic neon sign

Using neon signs in your summer party can help transform the environment by adding a vibrant touch to your décor. The great thing about neon signs is that they are multifunctional and can work with any theme and setting. Whether it’s a pool party, beach party, or a small family gathering in your garden, party neon signs are a worthy addition.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you set up a functional neon sign at your summer party;

  • Custom welcome signs: You can use neon signs to greet and welcome your guests at the entrance of the party venue.
  • Neon sign photo booth: You can also use neon signs to lighten up your backdrop with a cool phrase.
  • Neon signs are great for your summer garden party as they can help beautify your garden and illuminate it in the evenings.
  • Neon signs can help set the right mood for your pool party. Custom neon signs like “pool party vibes” are a great choice for pool decor.


birthday party table decor balloon

What is a party without fun items such as balloons? Balloons make everyone happy, and having such a necessary item at your party can significantly boost the mood. They are great for picnics, garden parties, and even pool parties. The critical thing is to properly set up your balloons away from direct sunlight and sharp objects, and you are good to go.

Some balloon ideas;

  • Create a balloon backdrop where your guests can take nice pictures.
  • Allow balloons to float in the pool to add colour to your pool area.
  • You can also line your pathways with balloons to guide your guests into the party venue. This is a great idea for garden parties.

Table decorations:

Table decorations are also a great party décor item to enhance the atmosphere at your summer party. Choose captivating table decoration items to improve the ambience and make your guests feel welcome.

birthday party table decor balloon

Some items to consider are lanterns, candles, colourful linens, colourful fruits as centrepieces, tropical palms, etc. Table decorations are an excellent choice for garden parties, tea parties, and fancy outdoor parties where tables will be used.


Flowers are a classic choice to help complement your party theme and other decorations. They are a versatile choice that can help add beauty and freshness to your summer party. There are several flower options: sunflowers, potted plants for the beach, daisies, roses, and wildflowers.

While flowers can give your event a breathtaking view, choosing options that fit your theme and party setup is essential.


The best time to hold memorable events with your loved ones is under the sun’s warmth and in the spirit of summer. Poolside parties, beach parties, ice cream-themed parties, garden parties, picnics, and many more are the ways to enjoy summer.

You can choose any of these themes or ideas to create memorable experiences with your family. Don’t forget to make it even more beautiful by adorning your party location with decoration items. Summer neon signs, balloons, flowers, shimmer wall backdrops, and table decorations are a few options. Explore your creativity and give your guests the best summer party!

New Trend Alert: LED Neon Signs

@Echo Neon | Aug 11th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

The introduction of LED neon signs has turned the world of signage on its head. Homeowners and businesses all over the country are now transitioning from conventional LED signs and neon signs to LED neon signs.

The question now is – What are LED neon signs and why should you get one? Also, are LED neon signs better than conventional neon and LED signs? 

In this post, we reveal all you need to know about LED neon signs and why they are the perfect signage for you. Let’s dive in. 

What is LED Neon Lighting?

LED neon signs are an upgrade from conventional neon signs and LED signs. Instead of using neon, argon, and other rarefied gases used to light up neon signs, LED neon signs are lit using energy-efficient LED bulbs with an average lifespan of 60,000 working hours. 

The LED bulbs are enclosed in sturdy PVC and acrylic sheeting, making the LED neon lights safer, brighter, eco-friendly, and more attractive than other signs. 

Why Should You Get a LED Neon Sign?

Here is why you should invest in a LED neon sign:

1. LED Neon Signs are Energy-Efficient

Aesthetic LED neon signs are lit using low-energy LED bulbs that consume 80% less energy than neon signs and 95% less energy than your average light bulb. This makes these new signs energy-efficient. 

2. LED Neon Signs Pose No Risk To The Environment

In addition to being energy-efficient, LED neon lights are environmentally friendly. These new signs don’t make noise or emit heat, making them ideal for indoor spaces. Also, the absence of rarefied gases used in traditional neon signs means LED neon signs are kid-friendly and non-toxic. 

3. LED Neon Signs are Colourful and Inviting

LED neon signs at Echo Neon are designed with the newly-launched RGB switchable colour and RGB dynamic colour that make the signs even more colourful than traditional neon signs. There are also more colour options to choose from than ever before. 

For home decor enthusiasts, businesses, and entrepreneurs, this means you can easily match a LED neon sign with the theme or colour of your space to make it more inviting to guests and potential customers. 

This must be the place ice blue neon sign for your love

4. LED Neon Signs are Cost-Efficient

LED neon signs have very low running costs due to the energy-efficient LED bulbs used to design them. Since LED bulbs consume low energy, you don’t have to worry about your new sign spiking your electric bills. 

You also don’t need to pay any maintenance fee for a LED neon sign. On average, a LED neon sign will cost you about $50 to run annually. This makes them a great investment if you are an entrepreneur. 

5. LED Neon Signs are Versatile

Perhaps the biggest perk of having a LED neon sign is the versatility you’ll enjoy. LED neon signs are designed with a built-in remote-controlled dimmer that allows you to switch between different colours.

This means you can enjoy different colour modes from the same LED neon sign and you can use the LED neon sign in several ways and for different events. 

Where Can You Buy The Best LED Neon Signs?

LED neon signs are a new trend. As such, not many neon sign companies have them yet and some of those that have them don’t have the best quality. 

However, you don’t need to worry about any of this because you can buy the best LED neon signs at Echo Neon. We are a LED neon sign company in Australia with over a decade-long experience in designing LED neon signs. 

We have a plethora of LED neon signs for you to choose from ranging from home decor LED neon signs to business LED neon signs. We can also help you to customise a LED neon sign at pocket-friendly prices. 

All our customers enjoy unbeatable prices, discounts, and free shipping on all custom LED neon signs. 

Final Words

In summary, LED neon signs are here to stay. They have taken over from conventional neon signs and LED signs, making them a must-have for anybody or business looking to invest in a sign. 

For the very best aesthetic LED neon signs in quality and affordability, you should visit Echo Neon. Regardless of your needs or interests, we have a LED neon light for you in our collection. So, buy a LED neon sign today to transform your space. 

Best Party Neon Signs For Your Next Party

@Echo Neon | Aug 4th, 2023 | 10 minutes read 

Party neon signs are a must-have at any party! Their trendy display and animative designs make your event look fun and inviting. The glow from a party neon sign will also light up your party venue and create a cool backdrop for people to take pictures and make cool videos. 

In this post, we reveal the best party neon signs to make your next party the talk of the town. Let’s check them out. 

wedding party decor neon sign

Party Neon Signs To Have at Your Next Party

Here are party neon signs you must have at your next party:

1. Let’s Party Neon Sign

Nothing says it’s party time than this Let’s party neon sign. The neon sign displays the words “Let’s Party” in a cool yellow glow and cursive font on the wall. This neon party signage will decorate your event and bring life to your party. With this party neon light hanging on the wall or roof, your party will go all night long!

2. This Must Be The Place Party Neon Sign

This Must Be The Place Red Neon Sign

Do you need a party sign to hang outside your party venue? This party neon light is the perfect fit. This neon illuminates the exterior of your party venue and welcomes guests. The cool words displayed in bright white lights create a fun party mode for your guests as they arrive at the party. When this neon sign comes on, it’s time to party!

3. Chill Neon Party Sign

The Chill Blue neon party sign from Echo neon is a must-have at your next party. Whether on the wall, roof, or corner of your party, this neon sign is sure to spark conversations and get people going. 

If you are planning a dark-light party, the cool blue lighting of the neon sign will illuminate your party room and complement the theme of your event in grand style. 

4. Spooky Neon Party Light

Bring on the scare at your party, rave, or festival with this Spooky Halloween neon party light. The neon sign displays a witch hat and Halloween pumpkin in vibrant purple and orange lights on the wall of your party venue. 

If you want to create buzz and excitement at your next party, this neon sign will help you to do just that. It’s also a cool party decor for your Halloween party. 

5. Pretty Mess Neon Party Light

Create a fun and lively mood for your guests to enjoy themselves, socialise, and party with the Pretty Mess neon party light. The trendy style design of this neon party sign would get your guests in a party mood faster than you can say party. The purple glow from the sign will also illuminate your space and light up your pictures and videos. 

Can You Customise a Party Neon Sign?

The best way to take advantage of a party neon sign is to customise one for your next party. A custom party sign will transform your party venue and put your event a level above all others. 

You can Customise a party neon sign at Echo Neon. All you have to do is upload your favourite party design on our website and our experts will build a neon sign replica of your design to use at your next party. It takes less than 3 weeks to have the custom party sign made and delivered to you. 

Pink Flower Neon Sign For Party Or Birthday Decor

Final Words

In summary, party neon signs are a great way to bring life to your party and decorate the event. There are tons of party designs to pick from and you can get the best of the lot at Echo neon

If you wish, you can also create a custom neon light to make your next event stand out from the rest. A party neon sign will light up your space and get people talking about your event for days. So, get a party neon sign today and party in style. 

Why Are Neon Signs The Perfect Gifts?

@Echo Neon | July 27, 2023

Neon signs have become the perfect gift items to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. There is always the element of surprise when you give someone a neon sign because it’s the last gift they were expecting, and this is what makes them special.

In this post, we reveal different neon gift ideas to make your present stand out and feel special. We also show you where to get the best neon gift ideas in Australia. Let’s get to it. 

Neon Signs Gift Ideas

Here are perfect gift ideas for Neon signs:

1. Neon Signs Make Perfect Wedding Gifts

Wedding ceremonies are a celebration of love, romance, and the beginning of a new life together for the couple and a wedding neon sign would make a nice gesture of your best wishes to them. 

This Just Married white neon sign is a perfect gift for newlyweds. They can hang the neon sign in their living room or bedroom to light up and beautify the space. The neon sign can also be used to decorate their wedding venue and make the event more glamorous.

2. Neon Signs are Cool Holiday Gifts

Neon signs are the ideal holiday gift. Whether you are looking for a present for the Christmas season, Easter, or Halloween holiday, you can always get a neon sign to make the holiday memorable. 

This Easter Egg neon sign from Echo Neon would make a great gift this Easter period. You can also give out this Christmas neon sign as a gift to your loved ones to decorate their home during the festive season. The red glow and animated display of these Xmas neon light signs will surely spread the holiday spirit. 

3. Neon Signs for Housewarming Gifts

There is always the element of surprise when people walk into a home and see a neon sign displayed on the wall because not many homes have neon signs. This is why neon signs are perfect gift items to decorate a new home. 

Do you know anyone moving into their new home? You should give them this home decor neon sign from Echo Neon as a housewarming present and they would surely love it. You can also give out a bedroom neon sign or kitchen neon sign as a housewarming present. 

4. Neon Signs as Birthday and Anniversary Gifts

Neon signs also make great birthday and anniversary gifts. This Let’s Party neon sign would make a cool birthday present. The bright lights will light up your venue and literally bring life to your party. 

Cute Mariio Led Neon Light Placed On The Desk

5. Neon Signs as a Romantic Gift

Couples and romantic partners give each other neon signs as romantic gifts to celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversary, and other special events. There are several neon signs that you can give out as a romantic gift either to your spouse, boyfriend, or valentine. Check out this collection of romantic neon signs to give out as gifts. 

Where To Buy The Best Neon Sign Gifts?

You can buy the best neon sign gifts at Echo Neon. We are a neon sign manufacturing company in Australia and we have a wide collection of neon signs to give out to your loved ones. Whether you need a holiday present, birthday, or anniversary gift, we have a neon sign for you in our collection. 

To make your gift even more special, you can customise a neon sign for the occasion. If it’s your child’s birthday party, we can help you customise a neon sign that spells out his/her name with the words “Happy Birthday” next to it. We can also create a custom neon sign gift for you based on your preferred design.

All you have to do is upload your preferred design on our website and select your favourite colour, size, and font. Our experts will build a neon sign replica of your design and you can have the perfect gift item in less than 3 weeks. 

Green And Red Peach Neon Sign

Final Words

Here is the bottom line – Neon signs are the perfect gift items to make any event or occasion memorable. At least, you can be sure no other person would think of giving out a neon sign. You can even go the extra mile and customise a neon sign for the recipient. This would put a big grin on the recipient’s face. Visit Echo Neon today to buy a neon sign gift. 

all you need is love pink neon light

Top 5 Love Neon Sign Ideas

@Echo Neon | July 20, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Love is an amazing feeling, especially when you find that special someone to share it with. So why not express your feelings in the most beautiful way possible? With a love neon sign

In this post, we reveal the best romantic neon signs to express your love and affection to your loved ones in 2023. We also tell you the best place to customise your love neon signs. Let’s dive in.

all you need is love pink neon light

Best Romantic Neon Signs To Say “I Love You” in 2023

Here are the best neon signs to say “I Love You” in 2023:

1. La Vie En Rose Red Neon Sign

Show how much your partner means to you with the La Vie En Rose neon sign. This neon love sign is inspired by the popular song by Edith Piaf and it would make a perfect anniversary present to your partner. 

You can also hang this neon sign in your bedroom to illuminate your space and remind you both of the passionate feelings you share.

2. Be My Valentine Love Neon Sign

i love your sexy teeth neon sign

Are you looking for a romantic way to ask him or her to be your valentine? Look no further than the “Be my Valentine” neon sign. This neon love sign features an alluring cursive font and a beautiful red glow that is guaranteed to give you a Big Grin Yes! 

This love sign will also create a romantic ambiance for your dinner date, movie night, romantic picnic, and other lovely occasions. You can expect a bright smile on your date’s face whenever they look at the love neon sign on the wall. 

3. Hearts Neon Sign

Do What You Love Led Neon Light For Home Party Decor

Set the mood for a romantic evening with our Hearts Neon Sign. The neon sign displays many heart-shaped icons on the wall all lit using gorgeous red lights. 

This neon sign can be used to decorate your wedding venue, reception, and honeymoon destination. You can also hang it in your home or bedroom to create an atmosphere of love and romance for you and your partner to enjoy. 

4. Drunk In Love Blue Neon Sign

Nothing says I Love You better than a neon sign inspired by the Carters. This Drunk In Love Neon Sign displays the words “Drunk in Love” in cool blue lighting and an animated font. This neon sign would make a perfect gift to your partner and the cool blue glow makes it a nice decor item to have in your home and bedroom. 

5. Lettered Love Neon Light

Wanna show your loved ones how much you love them? Then display this Love neon sign on the wall of your home or give it to them as a gift. The sign displays the word “LOVE” on the wall in vibrant white light that would light up any room and remind your loved ones of how much they mean to you whenever they look at it. 

Where Can You Make Custom Love Neon Signs?

love you neon signs

You can customise your love neon sign at Echo Neon. We are a neon sign manufacturing company in Australia and we make custom neon signs in our studios to give our customers pocket-friendly prices and the best quality. 

A custom love neon sign showcases effort and intent on your part and your loved one would surely appreciate it. It’s also a beautiful way to personalise your message to them on special occasions. 

To customise your love neon sign, upload your favourite design on our website and pick your preferred size, colour, and font. Our experts will use laser-cutting technology to cut out components to create a neon sign replica of your uploaded design. 

You can have your custom love neon sign made and delivered to you in less than 3 weeks. We also offer free shipping on all custom neon love signs. 

Final Words

In summary, a love neon sign is a nice way to show your partner, friends, and loved ones how much you appreciate them in your life. You can purchase a love neon sign or customise a unique one at a budget-friendly price at Echo Neon. Display your love and affection to that special someone today with a love neon sign and put a wide smile on their face. 

Neon Sign Lighting: Tips for Setting the Right Mood

@Echo Neon | June 16, 2023 | 10 minutes read

If you desire to add some personality and intentionally create a specific mood with your home décor or office decor, neon sign lighting is one of the ways you can achieve that. With neon light, you can create a cozy atmosphere in any part of your home, office, or outdoor. One unique thing about neon light is that it has a wide range of color and designs through which you can create a look that perfectly matches your desired mood.

Depending on your mood, neon light can appear light and soft, bold and bright, etc. Whatever mood you want, you can be sure that neon light can help you to achieve it.

For you to be able to set the right mood using neon sign light, there are a few tips you need at your fingertips. We will explore those tips in this article.

General Tips For Setting The Right Mood With Neon Sign Lights

1. Know the Right Colors

For you to set the right mood, you must know the right colors and what they signify. Colors can evoke different emotions, and choosing the right colors helps in creating that atmosphere you want. For example, red is bold and passionate and it is associated with love, excitement, and passion. Therefore, when your lover is coming over and you feel like setting a passionate atmosphere, then you can go for red neon lights. Red color can also be used to represent warning or danger. Therefore, in traffic signs, the red color represents STOP.

Another color is the blue color. It represents peace, calmness, and serenity. You must be able to decide the mood you want to create and choose the color that will help you achieve it.

2. Know The Right Color Temperature

After choosing the right color you want for your desired mood, the next thing is to know the temperature of your color. There are different variations when it comes to color, from the bright color to the subtle and light color. Different neon light color temperatures produce different moods.

Temperature is measured in Kelvin. Neon light less than 3000K signifies calm and soft light. This light is suitable for bedrooms and dining rooms, and helps to create a warm environment. Neon light between 3000k and 4500K is brighter and suitable for brighter places in the house like the kitchen. This will make you stay alert while cooking and makes cooking fun.

3. Take Note of the Shape and Design of the Neon Sign Light

The shape and design of the neon sign light are also critical in setting the right mood. Angular and sharp shapes make a place look bold and energizing while shapes that are curvy and flowing make a place look soothing and inviting. Therefore, it is important to take note of this.

4. Make Use of Multilayered Neon Lighting

Multilayered neon lighting involves the use of multiple layers of neon lights to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of a given space. It is achieved by using different colors and levels of brightness to create a dynamic and visually stimulating design that enhances the beauty of the room. With this type of light, you can create a gradient effect that fades from one color to another. The color change helps to stimulate different types of moods ranging from calming to warming and energizing.

Tips For Setting the Right Mood in Different Parts of the Home Using Neon Lights

This Must Be The Place Purple Neon Sign

Below, we will give some tips for setting the right mood using neon lights at home.

1. Neon Sign Light For Sitting Room

There are a variety of moods you can assume in the sitting room, depending on what you want. For a warm and welcoming mood in the sitting room, consider using warm and soft colors like yellow or orange neon light. Use welcoming phrases like “There is No Place Like Home” and place the sign on a wall that can be seen from the sitting area. For a cozy and soothing mood in the sitting room, use colors like gray, low-intensity red, or beige for your neon light. Use soothing phrases like “Calm Down” or “Slowly Breathe in and Out”.

2. Neon Sign Light For Bedroom

There are also different moods to achieve in the bedroom using neon light. For a peaceful atmosphere, consider using calming colors like blue or green for your neon sign light and place it in a location that will create a light glow. Make use of simple symbols like diamonds or hearts to add a touch of tranquility to the room. For a romantic atmosphere, consider using dimmed colors like red or pink for your neon sign light, and make use of love symbols like heart and phrases like “our love is forever”. Place the sign on the wall opposite the bed to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

3. Neon Sign Light for Kitchen

Glorious food neon sign for kitchen decor

It is also possible to set the right mood for the kitchen area. For a modern kitchen, use neutral colors like white and place them on the wall. You can make use of symbols like cutlery or Chef’s hat. Neon sign light are better used as an accent in your kitchen. You can combine it with other different types of light, such as pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, etc. Make use of phrases such as “Bon Appetit” to always remind you and other members of your family to eat well.

4. Neon Sign Light for Toilet

Your toilet, you can also set the right mood to help you relax and release with ease when using the toilet. Consider using colors like blue or green to create a relaxing atmosphere. You should also make use of phrases like “Flush” or “Do Not Forget To Wash Your Hands” with a neon sign light, especially in a toilet that many people use.

Outdoor Mood Enhancement With Neon Sign Light

The following are some of the places outside the home where the right mood can be set using the neon sign light:

1. In offices

Neon sign lights can be used to set the right mood in offices. The name of a company, including its logo and tagline can be projected using neon sign light. Moreover, you can use it to project motivational quotes or phrases that can help reinforce the company’s values and leave a strong impression on clients.

2. In Market and Stores

coffee juice neon sign

Neon sign lights can be used to attract customers to a specific product in markets and stores. This can create a sense of excitement among shoppers and keep them interested in a product. This in turn helps to boost sales.

3. In Restaurants and Bars

Neon sign lights can also be used in restaurants and bars to display the bar/restaurant’s name, the foods, or drinks that are available. This can help customers to quickly know what to expect from the menu.


Neon sign light offers a stylish and effective way to set the right mood in any space, whether at home, school, office, etc. The most important thing is to consider the color, temperature, design, and the messages you are trying to pass across. It is important to know that whatever atmosphere you create leaves an impression on your visitors or anyone that sees it. This is why you must be conscious of your choice of neon sign lights. If you believe you need help, you can contact us at Echo Neon. We will always be ready to help.

Add Aesthetic To Your Wall Art

@Echo Neon | June 9, 2023 | 10 minutes read

The walls of your home, office, and business place determine the tone and ambiance of your space. If your walls are beautiful, then your space will look more fun and inviting to people. It’s important to pay attention to your walls, especially if you run a store or business and you’d like to attract potential customers. 

This post reveals in-trend ways to add aesthetics to your walls in 2023. Let’s dive in.

Aesthetic Neon Wall Art for Home Décor

Here are trendy and stylish ways to add beauty to your walls:

1. Aesthetic Neon Wall Art for Home Décor

Neon wall signs give your walls the aesthetic appeal to make your space stand out. The colourful display and cool lightning of a neon sign wall art also bring a fun and exciting atmosphere to your space. 

Whether you are decorating your walls for an upcoming event or you just want to give your home decor a modern uplift, a neon wall sign will do the trick. There is a wide range of neon wall signs to choose from. You can go for this Sky Clock neon wall sign or this kid-friendly Castle neon wall sign to create a point of interest on your wall.   

2. DIY Wall Art

Fancy some arts and crafts? Then DIY your wall art. This is a cool way to showcase your talents to guests and give your walls an aesthetic uplift. You can create a statue from clay, make a wall drawing, collect nature, or weave a basket and hang it on the wall. 

You can also make a minimalistic wall art and hang it inside this Circle neon wall sign to draw people’s attention to your masterpiece. 

3. Shimmer Wall Panels

Shimmer wall panels bring new meaning to wall art. These panels have hundreds of silver sequins that flutter with the wind to create a shiny effect on your walls. Shimmer panels are cool for special events and parties because of the glamour they add to the occasion. The panels will make your walls a shiny backdrop to capture memories and have a good time.

4. LED Neon Lamps

wall lamp neon lights

Ever heard of LED neon lamps? You can brighten any space by hanging these wall neon lamps on the wall. They are lightweight and easy to install anywhere you want. The fun part of these neon wall tubes is that you can create shapes and images with them. 

They are like glow sticks that can be arranged to spell out words or display images on the wall of your space. If you are planning an upcoming party or concert, LED neon lamps for walls are a must-have. 

5. Wall Painting

wall art painting

Wall paintings add a touch of class and luxury to your walls. You can go for historical paintings, landscape and nature paintings, abstract or even celebrity paintings to class up your walls and room decor. If you wish, you can choose the type of paint too. Most people use oil paintings because they look realistic and last longer. 

6. Fan Posters and Flyers

Are you a fan of a music band or sports team? Then display your love and support on the wall for the world to see. You can hang posters and flyers that represent your favourite team or artist on the wall of your home to show you are a true fan. These posters also have a way of making your space look more fun and inviting. Posters are also a cool conversation starter with guests.

7. Photo Frames

Hang your favourite pictures on the walls of your living room and bedroom to beautify your space. These could be family photos, pictures of your kids, or photos you took during a road trip. The pictures will create a wall of beautiful memories in your home. 

You can also illuminate these photos with neon wall lights. The cool lighting from the wall neon light will bounce off the photos to make them look more beautiful, especially at night. 

8. Add a Statement Piece On The Wall

Red Neon Sign For Home Gym Decor

You can also decorate your walls with a statement piece from your favourite quote or image. If you own a business or store, you can make a custom neon wall sign to display the business name, tagline, or logo on the walls to beautify your space and advertise your brand. 

You can also customise a neon wall sign to display your family name on your living room wall. This is a statement piece that adds personality and identity to your walls. 

Final Words

In summary, your walls are a huge determinant of how your decor comes out. The most beautiful apartments, offices, and business places have wall art to add aesthetic appeal to the building. 

If you’d like your walls to pop and make your space more beautiful and inviting, you should try out a neon wall sign. The beautiful display from a neon sign will thrill your guests and make your space more beautiful. You can even customise a unique neon wall sign to make your space stand out. To know more about custom neon wall signs, visit Echo Neon

let's stay home neon sign

Light Up Your Home With Aesthetic Neon Signs

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Gone are the days when neon signs were used for just business advertising. Today, your home decor isn’t complete without a cool neon sign hanging on the wall somewhere. 

If you want cool lighting to transform your home decor? Look no further than neon signs. Their beautiful blend of colours illuminates rooms and makes you truly feel at home. This post reveals cool ways to brighten your home with neon signs. Let’s check them out. 

let's stay home neon sign

Ways To Brighten Your Home With Neon Signs?

Here are perfect ways to use neon signs to illuminate your home:

Neon Signs Can Light Up The Entrance To Your Home

There is no better way to welcome guests to your home than with a neon sign at the entrance. The vibrant glow of the neon sign will light up the way and set a friendly tone for family and friends. You can hang this purple Aloha neon sign by your front porch or deck to show off your Hawaiian spirit!

Neon Signs Can Brighten Your Living Room

This Is Our Happy Place On Grass Wall Home Room Decor

A living room neon sign will not only brighten your space, but make it a perfect space for you to have a fun time with the lads, kids, and family. It can also make your living room your happy place to unwind and enjoy some me time. 

This Movie night popcorn neon sign will look great in your living room. You can hang it by the TV to create a cinematic experience for movie nights with the fam.

Here are cool spots to hang a neon sign in your living room:

  • On the wall above the sofa.
  • Above the fireplace.
  • By the entertainment set.
  • By the shelf or reading corner.

Neon Signs Glow Up Your Bedroom

The cool light and design from a neon sign will glow up your bedroom and transform your space into a sleep paradise. You can hang this bedroom neon sign by your dresser or above your bed to give your space an alternative light source. 

You can also find kid-friendly neon signs to beautify your kid’s bedrooms. If you want, you can dim the lights from the neon sign before sleeping, but rest assured, the neon sign won’t hurt your eyes. Neon lights for bedroom are a must-have.  

Neon Signs Brighten Your Walls and Hallway

Deck your walls with neon wall signs to brighten your hallway and make your home more beautiful. Many homes use neon signs on their walls, especially during the holiday and festive period. You can hang this Crystal Chandelier neon sign by your hallway to light up and beautify your pictures.

Neon Signs Can Light Up Your Man Cave

Got a man cave? Why not hang a neon sign in your man cave to brighten the space? The neon design could be inspired by your favourite sports team, artist, or band. A man cave neon sign will make the lads jealous of your room while making it the perfect space to hang out on game and movie nights. 

Neon Signs In Your Kitchen

Glorious food neon sign for kitchen decor

Do you want your kitchen and dining area to pop? Then hang a neon sign on the wall or suspend one from the roof. A neon sign in your kitchen space will make it more beautiful and give it a modern feel. This Baguette neon sign will look great in any kitchen and will make the space a nice spot to wine and dine. 

Neon Signs In Your Home Office or Library

Illuminate your home office or library with the cool lighting of a neon sign. The neon sign could be drawn from your favourite quote or mantra to give you all the motivation needed to get your day going. If you are a vlogger or content creator, the glow from this Glowsticks neon sign will make your workspace and videos pop.

Where To Buy The Best Neon Signs For Your Home?

home office neon sign

Looking for where to buy quality and trendy neon signs to brighten your home? Check out Echo Neon. We have a ton of home decor neon signs for you to choose from and if you want, we can build a custom home decor neon sign for you.  

All our neon signs are safe, durable, and designed with newly launched RGB switchable colour and RGB dynamic colour. We also give our customers unbeatable prices and discounts.  

Final Words

In summary, neon signs are excellent decor items used in homes for their colourful and vibrant lights. There are several types of home decor neon signs to choose from and you can have one customised for you if you want. So, get a neon sign today and enjoy the beautiful glow it brings to your space. 

Custom White Neon Sign For Office Desk

Want To Make Your Own Neon Signs? Here’s How

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Custom neon signs have revolutionised business advertisement and home decor in many ways. Personalised neon signs not only light up and beautify your walls, but they give your business and home an identity that makes it stand out. 

In this post, we reveal how to make a custom neon sign in just 5 easy steps. We also show you the materials needed for the task. Let’s get to work. 

Can You DIY Neon Signs?

Yes! With the right equipment and knowledge on how to make a neon sign, you can make one by yourself in your home, office, or garage. It’s also a great way to spend some time with your family and bond with the kids. Just pick out a weekend, gather your materials, and follow the guide below on how to make a custom neon sign in 5 easy steps.

How To Make a DIY Neon Sign In 5 Easy Steps?

Here is a list of the tools and supplies you’ll need to make a neon sign at home:

  • A wirecutter
  • Electroluminescent wires or LED neon flex strips
  • An acrylic sheet or plexiglass
  • A battery-powered drill
  • Glue or transparent tape
  • Paper and pencil
  • Wire string or metal wires
  • A nail gun
  • Plastic clips

Here is a 5 step guide on how to DIY a custom neon sign:

1. Pick Out Your Preferred Design

The first step is to pick out the neon design you want. This could be an image-based or text-based neon sign. 

For an image-based neon sign (that displays images), you can draw your favourite picture on a sheet of paper. You can also use a laptop to make your design and print out a copy. 

For a text-based neon sign (that displays a message or text), you can write the word you want on a large cardboard. You can also use your laptop or smartphone to edit the word using stylish fonts and print out a copy of the design after. 

The image or text you come up with should be the exact size of neon sign that you want to create. 

2. Cut Out The Design

The next step is to place your design template on an acrylic sheet or plexiglass. If you can’t get an acrylic sheet, you can use thick cardboard or plywood. 

You need to cut out the design using a portable saw. You need to be slow and gentle so you get a precise cutout. You can get someone to hold down the design template on the board while you cut, so it comes out nice and neat. 

If you want to create a text-based custom neon sign, you don’t need to cut out the design. Simply trace the design template with a string or bend a metal wire along the design template. Use pliers for this so the wire is easier to bend into shape.

3. Attach LED Neon Flex Strips or EL Wires

The next step is to fix the LED strips or EL wires on your design. If you are creating a text-based custom neon sign, you can use electroluminescent wires. Use LED Neon flex strips for image-based neon signs.

For a text-based custom sign, run the EL wire along the metal wire you created earlier. You’ll need glue or transparent tape to hold the EL wire in place. If you are using glue, ensure to hold down the EL wire for at least 5 seconds, so it stays in place. 

For an image-based custom neon sign, you need to attach LED neon flex strips on the cut-out you made earlier. You can use clips to hold the LED strips in place. Ensure to leave out a few inches of wire so you can plug in the LED strips or EL wire. 

4. Drill Holes

The next step is to drill holes at the back of the custom sign to make installation easier. You can use an electric drill to make the holes. If you don’t have one, you can get a long nail and hammer. You can use the nail to puncture holes in the back of the sign, but be very careful, so you don’t damage the sign. After, create extra holes in the wall or invest in a wall hanger. 

5. Hang Your Custom Neon Sign

The last step is to hang your neon sign where you want. Once the custom neon sign is on the wall, you can plug in the LED strip or EL wire into a wall socket to turn on your new sign. When that’s done, you can sit back and enjoy the cool glow of your custom neon sign.

Why Should You DIY Your Neon Sign?

Here are reasons to make your personalised neon sign:

1. To Create an Identity in Your Space

Creating your own neon sign is a cool way to add some identity to your space. The neon sign can be an embodiment of your values, beliefs, or a reminder of something that is important to you. 

For instance, a custom neon quote on the wall of your office that tells everyone what you stand for. You can also create a custom neon sign to represent your favourite sports team or music band. These signs create an identity in your space that people can relate to. 

A custom neon sign will also spark conversations in your space during house parties and holiday events. 

2. To Beautify and Light Up Your Rooms

Custom neon signs bring an aesthetic appeal to your space when they come on. The beautiful display and glow of the sign will decorate and light up any room in your home or office. 

3. It’s Fun!

Creating a neon sign is a fun activity that can quickly turn into a hobby for you. This is a project you can take on with your partner, kids, or even make it a family event during the holiday season. 

The best part about creating a neon sign is the end result when you hang it in your room and see how it transforms your space. 

Where Can You Customise a Neon Sign?

You can customise your neon sign at Echo Neon. We are a neon sign manufacturing company with over a decade long experience. 

All you have to do is upload your favourite neon sign design on our website and select your preferred colour, font, and size dimensions. 

Our team of experts will download your design and use laser-cutting technology to cut out components to make a replica of your design. Your custom neon sign would be made and delivered to you anywhere in the world in less than 3 weeks.

Final Words

In summary, neon signs are excellent decor items for homes, offices, hangout spots, and several other places. To make your own custom neon sign, follow the guide above and hang the sign in your dorm room, home, or office to illuminate your space. If you’d like professional help, you can visit Echo Neon to customise a unique neon sign for you.

wedding neon sign

Trending Custom Neon Signs In Australia

@Echo Neon | April 13th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Are you looking to buy top quality neon signs in Australia? Then you are in the right place. This post reveals the top ten neon signs currently trending in Australia and where to get them. Let’s check them out. 

Neon Signs Trending in Australia

Here are the top 10 neon signs trending in Australia:

1. There’s No Place Like Home Neon Sign

This home neon sign has made its way into several houses in Australia to become an integral part of the living room and bedroom decor. The neon sign brings a relaxing atmosphere into your space thanks to its purple glow and beautiful cursive font. This neon sign can go in your living room, bedroom, man cave, garden, or front porch.

2. Anime Pikachu Neon Sign

The growing popularity of Anime and Pokemon movies in Australia has led to the wide acceptance of this Anime neon sign from Echo neon. This neon sign in Australia is popular for kids’ birthday parties and holiday parties.
Do you own a toy shop or comic book store? You can hang this neon sign in your shop to light up your space and attract potential customers.

3. Touchdown NRL Neon Sign

Rugby is the number one sport in Australia with hundreds of thousands of fans, so it’s no surprise that the Touchdown NRL neon sign is in-trend. 
This neon sign is popular in pubs, nightclubs, and viewing centres. You can also use the football neon sign in your living room or man cave to make game days feel more exciting bros. 

4. Hakuna Matata LED Neon Sign

The Hakuna Matata neon sign is just as popular as the movie it was drawn from. Fans of the Lion King franchise love this neon sign. 
This sign produced by Echo neon is made from eco-friendly materials that make it safe to use in your kid’s bedrooms, birthday parties, and other public events. 

5. LED Cocktail Bar Neon Sign With Martini Glass

The Cocktail neon sign is one of the most popular custom neon signs in Australia. This neon sign is a customer-favourite thanks to its multipurpose feature. You can hang it in your bar, restaurant, kitchen, or diner. You can even use it to spice up your party decor for special events.  

6. Tik Tok Neon Sign

Vloggers and content creators all around Australia love this Tik Tok neon sign because it makes their content beautiful and engaging. The neon sign is perfect for parties, gyms, salons, restaurants, pubs, and several other places. 

7. Movie Night Popcorn Neon Light

The movie night neon sign in Australia is very popular. It’s used in cinemas and houses to get everyone hyped for movie night. It’s also a cool neon sign for hangout spots and arcades. 

8. Let’s Party Neon Light

It’s party time every time with this party neon sign. Nightclubs, bars, and concerts all around the country are using this sign. It literally brings life to the party. So, surprise your mates with this neon sign and show them what it’s like to party with you!

9. Easter Egg Neon Sign

We are fast approaching the Easter holiday and families all around Australia are buying this Easter Egg neon sign. The sign is a perfect fit for the holiday season and can be used in your home, office, business place, or as a decor item for your upcoming Easter holiday party or egg hunt!

10. La Vie en Rose LED Neon Sign

This lovely neon sign is popular in Australia, especially among couples and romantic partners. It can be used to decorate your romantic events, dinner dates, and movie nights. 

Where To Find Custom Neon Signs in Australia?

Looking for where to customise your neon signs in Australia? Look no further than Echo Neon. We are a professional neon sign company with a unique design process that allows us to make and deliver any neon sign you want within a few days. 
Our custom neon signs are safe, beautiful, and made from sturdy materials guaranteed to last for several years. You can upload your preferred neon sign design, font, and colour on our neon sign customise page now and get a price quote within seconds. 

Final Words

Here is the bottom line – Neon signs are here to stay. Businesses, homes, and offices all around Australia are using neon signs. 
So, if you want the best neon signs in Australia or you want to make a unique neon sign for a special occasion, you should visit Echo Neon. We have several types of neon signs in our collection for you to shop from. We also take custom orders and our customers enjoy affordable prices and discounts. So, shop now to find a neon sign for you.