Dorm Room Neon Signs

LED Neon Signs for Dorm Rooms

Decorating a dorm is one of the most necessary things to do after moving in; a new dorm is like a new start and you have empty walls to show your creativity. Saying who you are when you move-in is the best way to ensure that you’re comfortable moving into a new dorm room.

Today, most dorms allow neon lights in the dorm rooms, and LED neon signs are no more flimsy than a standard light in a home. Generally, the exterior runs more relaxed than normal light, guaranteeing it won’t burn you. Bringing a neon dorm sign is not any different than getting a lamp. If in doubt, confer with your University housing department first.

Remember, everyone in college needs good vibes to get through hard times. Our custom-made neon signs will help bring some good energy to your dorm room and make a lasting impact on your neighbors. We know that people should always do what they love!

Bring motivation to your studying with our excellent signs, which can be custom-made and bring color to your walls and your life. Let everyone know that your place is the party place with our fun “Let’s Party” sign. Put your name, your roommates’ name, or both of your names on some of our excellent custom bar signs.

The best part is that our dorm neon wall signs come in different colors! Whether you put it on a dark or light wall, it will alter the entire countenance of your living room. It is appropriate for incorporating other nuanced pictures next to it or something big and bold. There are so many things that you can connect that you will most certainly find something that will suit your taste and style.

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