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If you desire to add some personality and intentionally create a specific mood with your home décor or office decor, neon sign lighting is one of the ways you can achieve that. With neon light, you can create a cozy atmosphere in any part of your home, office, or outdoor. One unique thing about neon light is that it has a wide range of color and designs through which you can create a look that perfectly matches your desired mood.

Depending on your mood, neon light can appear light and soft, bold and bright, etc. Whatever mood you want, you can be sure that neon light can help you to achieve it.

For you to be able to set the right mood using neon sign light, there are a few tips you need at your fingertips. We will explore those tips in this article.

General Tips For Setting The Right Mood With Neon Sign Lights

1. Know the Right Colors

For you to set the right mood, you must know the right colors and what they signify. Colors can evoke different emotions, and choosing the right colors helps in creating that atmosphere you want. For example, red is bold and passionate and it is associated with love, excitement, and passion. Therefore, when your lover is coming over and you feel like setting a passionate atmosphere, then you can go for red neon lights. Red color can also be used to represent warning or danger. Therefore, in traffic signs, the red color represents STOP.

Another color is the blue color. It represents peace, calmness, and serenity. You must be able to decide the mood you want to create and choose the color that will help you achieve it.

2. Know The Right Color Temperature

After choosing the right color you want for your desired mood, the next thing is to know the temperature of your color. There are different variations when it comes to color, from the bright color to the subtle and light color. Different neon light color temperatures produce different moods.

Temperature is measured in Kelvin. Neon light less than 3000K signifies calm and soft light. This light is suitable for bedrooms and dining rooms, and helps to create a warm environment. Neon light between 3000k and 4500K is brighter and suitable for brighter places in the house like the kitchen. This will make you stay alert while cooking and makes cooking fun.

3. Take Note of the Shape and Design of the Neon Sign Light

The shape and design of the neon sign light are also critical in setting the right mood. Angular and sharp shapes make a place look bold and energizing while shapes that are curvy and flowing make a place look soothing and inviting. Therefore, it is important to take note of this.

4. Make Use of Multilayered Neon Lighting

Multilayered neon lighting involves the use of multiple layers of neon lights to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of a given space. It is achieved by using different colors and levels of brightness to create a dynamic and visually stimulating design that enhances the beauty of the room. With this type of light, you can create a gradient effect that fades from one color to another. The color change helps to stimulate different types of moods ranging from calming to warming and energizing.

Tips For Setting the Right Mood in Different Parts of the Home Using Neon Lights

This Must Be The Place Purple Neon Sign

Below, we will give some tips for setting the right mood using neon lights at home.

1. Neon Sign Light For Sitting Room

There are a variety of moods you can assume in the sitting room, depending on what you want. For a warm and welcoming mood in the sitting room, consider using warm and soft colors like yellow or orange neon light. Use welcoming phrases like “There is No Place Like Home” and place the sign on a wall that can be seen from the sitting area. For a cozy and soothing mood in the sitting room, use colors like gray, low-intensity red, or beige for your neon light. Use soothing phrases like “Calm Down” or “Slowly Breathe in and Out”.

2. Neon Sign Light For Bedroom

There are also different moods to achieve in the bedroom using neon light. For a peaceful atmosphere, consider using calming colors like blue or green for your neon sign light and place it in a location that will create a light glow. Make use of simple symbols like diamonds or hearts to add a touch of tranquility to the room. For a romantic atmosphere, consider using dimmed colors like red or pink for your neon sign light, and make use of love symbols like heart and phrases like “our love is forever”. Place the sign on the wall opposite the bed to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

3. Neon Sign Light for Kitchen

Glorious food neon sign for kitchen decor

It is also possible to set the right mood for the kitchen area. For a modern kitchen, use neutral colors like white and place them on the wall. You can make use of symbols like cutlery or Chef’s hat. Neon sign light are better used as an accent in your kitchen. You can combine it with other different types of light, such as pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, etc. Make use of phrases such as “Bon Appetit” to always remind you and other members of your family to eat well.

4. Neon Sign Light for Toilet

Your toilet, you can also set the right mood to help you relax and release with ease when using the toilet. Consider using colors like blue or green to create a relaxing atmosphere. You should also make use of phrases like “Flush” or “Do Not Forget To Wash Your Hands” with a neon sign light, especially in a toilet that many people use.

Outdoor Mood Enhancement With Neon Sign Light

The following are some of the places outside the home where the right mood can be set using the neon sign light:

1. In offices

Neon sign lights can be used to set the right mood in offices. The name of a company, including its logo and tagline can be projected using neon sign light. Moreover, you can use it to project motivational quotes or phrases that can help reinforce the company’s values and leave a strong impression on clients.

2. In Market and Stores

coffee juice neon sign

Neon sign lights can be used to attract customers to a specific product in markets and stores. This can create a sense of excitement among shoppers and keep them interested in a product. This in turn helps to boost sales.

3. In Restaurants and Bars

Neon sign lights can also be used in restaurants and bars to display the bar/restaurant’s name, the foods, or drinks that are available. This can help customers to quickly know what to expect from the menu.


Neon sign light offers a stylish and effective way to set the right mood in any space, whether at home, school, office, etc. The most important thing is to consider the color, temperature, design, and the messages you are trying to pass across. It is important to know that whatever atmosphere you create leaves an impression on your visitors or anyone that sees it. This is why you must be conscious of your choice of neon sign lights. If you believe you need help, you can contact us at Echo Neon. We will always be ready to help.

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