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The introduction of LED neon signs has turned the world of signage on its head. Homeowners and businesses all over the country are now transitioning from conventional LED signs and neon signs to LED neon signs.

The question now is – What are LED neon signs and why should you get one? Also, are LED neon signs better than conventional neon and LED signs? 

In this post, we reveal all you need to know about LED neon signs and why they are the perfect signage for you. Let’s dive in. 

What is LED Neon Lighting?

LED neon signs are an upgrade from conventional neon signs and LED signs. Instead of using neon, argon, and other rarefied gases used to light up neon signs, LED neon signs are lit using energy-efficient LED bulbs with an average lifespan of 60,000 working hours. 

The LED bulbs are enclosed in sturdy PVC and acrylic sheeting, making the LED neon lights safer, brighter, eco-friendly, and more attractive than other signs. 

Why Should You Get a LED Neon Sign?

Here is why you should invest in a LED neon sign:

1. LED Neon Signs are Energy-Efficient

Aesthetic LED neon signs are lit using low-energy LED bulbs that consume 80% less energy than neon signs and 95% less energy than your average light bulb. This makes these new signs energy-efficient. 

2. LED Neon Signs Pose No Risk To The Environment

In addition to being energy-efficient, LED neon lights are environmentally friendly. These new signs don’t make noise or emit heat, making them ideal for indoor spaces. Also, the absence of rarefied gases used in traditional neon signs means LED neon signs are kid-friendly and non-toxic. 

3. LED Neon Signs are Colourful and Inviting

LED neon signs at Echo Neon are designed with the newly-launched RGB switchable colour and RGB dynamic colour that make the signs even more colourful than traditional neon signs. There are also more colour options to choose from than ever before. 

For home decor enthusiasts, businesses, and entrepreneurs, this means you can easily match a LED neon sign with the theme or colour of your space to make it more inviting to guests and potential customers. 

This must be the place ice blue neon sign for your love

4. LED Neon Signs are Cost-Efficient

LED neon signs have very low running costs due to the energy-efficient LED bulbs used to design them. Since LED bulbs consume low energy, you don’t have to worry about your new sign spiking your electric bills. 

You also don’t need to pay any maintenance fee for a LED neon sign. On average, a LED neon sign will cost you about $50 to run annually. This makes them a great investment if you are an entrepreneur. 

5. LED Neon Signs are Versatile

Perhaps the biggest perk of having a LED neon sign is the versatility you’ll enjoy. LED neon signs are designed with a built-in remote-controlled dimmer that allows you to switch between different colours.

This means you can enjoy different colour modes from the same LED neon sign and you can use the LED neon sign in several ways and for different events. 

Where Can You Buy The Best LED Neon Signs?

LED neon signs are a new trend. As such, not many neon sign companies have them yet and some of those that have them don’t have the best quality. 

However, you don’t need to worry about any of this because you can buy the best LED neon signs at Echo Neon. We are a LED neon sign company in Australia with over a decade-long experience in designing LED neon signs. 

We have a plethora of LED neon signs for you to choose from ranging from home decor LED neon signs to business LED neon signs. We can also help you to customise a LED neon sign at pocket-friendly prices. 

All our customers enjoy unbeatable prices, discounts, and free shipping on all custom LED neon signs. 

Final Words

In summary, LED neon signs are here to stay. They have taken over from conventional neon signs and LED signs, making them a must-have for anybody or business looking to invest in a sign. 

For the very best aesthetic LED neon signs in quality and affordability, you should visit Echo Neon. Regardless of your needs or interests, we have a LED neon light for you in our collection. So, buy a LED neon sign today to transform your space. 

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