Echo Led Neon Lamp


Echo Led Neon Lamp

Glow up any room or party place with one or more of these bright Echo Led Neon Lamp. They offer a simple splash of color and illumination for dark corners, high shelves, display tables, and more. You can simply lean it against the wall or lay it on any surface for a unique and impactful impression.


•LED neon tube: Super lightweight, energy saving, child-safe and eco-friendly with no toxic gases. Expected life span 60,000hrs.

•Meansures: 150cm Length x 2.5cm Diameter. Weighs 0.5kg. White Cord length: 180cm.

•Includes wall hanging clips & screws.

•Short ETA: Ready to ship in 6-8 business days

•Powered by plug-in only.


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This minimalist design consists of a simple rod of LED neon illumination that offers bright color and unique style to every space.

Choose one for a splash of illumination in your room or purchase multiple pieces in the same or different colors for stunning effects. You can rest it on the floor, hang it on the wall, or place it on any piece of furniture.

These LED neon tube lights come in a wide variety of bright colors. Choose the one that matches your decor the best or make a bold statement with a contrasting glow.

Use them in your bedroom, living room, office, retail shop, café, nightclub, or anywhere you want to add a soft glow with a big impact.

Each one of these high-quality neon tubes is constructed from sturdy PVC and exceptionally long-lasting LED bulbs. No breakable glass. No hazardous gasses. No dangerous heat.