Customized Neon Signs For Your SpaceFrom artistic home decoration to business necessity

LED neon lights offer the best alternative to traditional glass signs. Echo Neon offers the latest styles in handcrafted LED signs and wall art that are environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and safe for all ages. These modern looks complement your home decor, business location, special event, and more. If you want a truly unique and eye-catching novelty light, you cannot go wrong with the style and impact of our products. As a manufacturer, we offer the most affordable prices and unique customization offers for everyone who wants neon in their lives.

The LED bulbs we use in the Echo Neon lights shine brighter than old-fashioned glass neon with zero risk of broken shards or potentially hazardous gasses. You get the brilliance of an entire rainbow of colors for both the tube and bulb selection. This goes beyond options in traditional neon lighting. Best of all, the colorful glow comes in a family-safe, lightweight, and much more affordable package. Explore our product selection or create your own customized accent for any space or occasion.

Clients & Works

Echo Neon is the first LED neon maker in the United States. For over ten years, we have created exceptional quality signs and wall art for customers all around the globe. We offer worldwide fulfillment and easy shipping to your location anywhere. Over the years, we have perfected our design skills and technique to deliver the ultimate solution in novelty lighting, signs, and wall art to both residential and commercial customers. Explore our previous work and design your own unique look today.

Life is Better with Neon

LED Neon Signs are in! Whether browsing through Instagram or looking at your local pub, you can easily spot Neon light signs! We present a place where your creativity can take shape through Neon light signs. 

You can create your own or shop for the most aesthetic neon signs making the headlines out there.

Take a break and browse our awesome range of LED neon lights, and we guarantee you will fall in love with them. We have neon light signs for your room, home, office, parties, and weddings. You name it, and we have the sign for you!

From cool to aesthetic to sexy in every colour you can ask for and any design your mind has…after all, we are your true custom design platform for the best LED Neon signs!

Our colourful LED neon signs are pocket-friendly, lightweight, durable, and energy efficient – it is safe to say that our trendy neon signs tick all the boxes.

Durability: Our LED neon signs run over 50,000 hours
Efficiency: LED light tubes are energy-efficient and eco-friendly
Affordability: Most affordable quality neon sign, we offer a price beat program
Uniqueness: Design your own customized sign in 18 vibrant colours.
Easy installation: Three easy installation options for you to choose

Customize your Style!

Neon signs are eye-catching because of how colorful they are. When you design a custom neon sign, you can choose various colours to incorporate into your sign that matches your personality and feelings. You can select multiple colours to brighten your space, home, or office! These personalised neon signs can also be used for any occasion and various events–giving you the perfect neon sign to hold on to forever.

There are infinite ways you can customize a neon sign. Choose a size, figure, shades, fonts, and graphics that add to the look and message you want to form. You can even create animated neon signs, where different parts light up in succession to give the illusion of movement. Whatever you are looking for, we can assist you in bringing your vision to life in the form of a custom neon sign.

Be A Bold Brand

Neon signs are a visual complement to every interior, delivering something special among many other creative design solutions. As a business, whether you are working in an office, a retail shop, or a restaurant, you are likely always looking for new ways to elevate your brand, get your message out there, and boost the aesthetics of your brand or business. 

You want people to remember your company’s name, even if they are driving around. Having your name in bright colours for everyone to see, even from some distance, sets you up to boost business and triggers people’s memories. Custom neon signs allow you to hold to the pattern you have already selected for the interiors of your office or showroom. If you have a striking colour scheme, save it to your custom sign, or pick other colours that stand out against your existing wall coverings.

Home Decor Redefined

When it comes to putting neon signs in your home for aesthetic or decoration, or even lighting purposes, remember, you can never go wrong! The reason is simple. Customised neon signs just add a level of fun, creativity, and brilliance to your home. The various options associated with this fun design technique allow you to experience complete creative freedom whenever you choose to use it next.

Has your room had the same boring decor for some time now? If you are truly ready to switch up your normal style, take advantage of completely customisable neon wall decor. Adding just the slightest touch of personality to your bedroom can really help you feel more comfortable in your own home. With customised neon signs, you are transforming your home into the place you feel at peace, where you belong!

Create Special Memories

There is not one, but there are endless ways customised neon signs can be used in an event. From lighting up a photo booth to hanging it up at the bar, colourful neon signs are the way to make the guests feel wholesome and also energise them to enjoy the night! Lighting can set the mood to remember…hence putting up fluorescent neon signs is a big way to make your event a success.

Custom neon sign lighting can add a special touch to any party by showing that special someone how much you care. Custom neon signs make the perfect photo opportunity for your guests, clients, and partygoers. Pair it with a plain wall, a garden wall, or some cool wallpaper, and you have the perfect spot to have your event shared on social media. Remember to include your logo, so your branding gets shared online too!

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Light it Up!

Welcome to our quirky, vibrant custom neon signs store, where we translate all your neon dreams into reality. Together with the expertise and experience of more than 30 years, we come jointly to offer the best custom neon sign designs and quality. We are your perfect partners in brightening up your home, business, and events like weddings, parties, and even rooms! Let us help you personalise your space and add a dash of your personality through brilliant custom neon signs.

Our speciality is creating LED neon signs that you picturise just the way you want them! We are here to make custom neon signs with the most superior quality materials and a fast turn-around time according to your needs. Lighten up your pubs, cafes, restaurant, home, weddings, baby showers…you name it, and we are ready!

We pride ourselves in being the best at pocket-friendly prices with the timeliest customer service and, most importantly, the best quality product with the latest technology. See your favourite quotes, symbols, pictures, and even names come alive with custom neon signs.

Lune Floor Lamp

lune floor lamp add aesthetic to the room

Are you a big astronomy fan? Awestruck with the way the moon changes its shape and light? Our Lune floor lamps are just what you need to convert your house into a space where you can unwind and relax. We have created the Lune floor lamps in an appealing yet simple way, circular LED lamp giving out a soft glow coated with reflective colour sheets. And before you know it, you have your own moon at home! The Lune lamp shifts through lunar phases with a simple slide of the two coloured acrylic sheets–you can choose from Sunset (pink & purple) or Moonrise (blue & green) to transform your room just as you want! Talk about changing your mood and elevating it to another level!

Lune lamps are available exclusively on our site, and you can pre-order them today!

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lune floor lamp add aesthetic to the room

Neon Lamp

Want a creative way to brighten your room? Neon tube lamps are transforming the design world for a good reason. As we know, neon tube lamps and colourful bulbs can cast a bright glow onto your walls, and they let you create a vibrant-hued space at home without indulging in pricey wall paints or wallpapers. Furthermore, these can be easily installed and are ready to use instantly while being pocket-friendly. Today, as more people choose to spend time indoors, they are looking for ways to reinvent their spaces with bright, colour-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks. Neon tube lamps and neon signs are a creative way to brighten a room and uplift the mood.

LED neon tube lamps come in different colours and can create a creative environment by just being placed on the wall, floor, or hung from extensions.

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