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There are many benefits to using neon signs for a business. The look of neon signs is special and is often an inspiring aspect in the artwork. Neon has an undoubted effect on people, which may be why today, more and more businesses be it bars or baristas, are returning to neon as a signage option. Since neon emerged on the market in the 1950s and 1960s, the business neon signs have become one of the finest lighting options for affordability and return on investment. Neon signage can also be a special marketing solution for many small businesses to attract more cutomers and make a lasting impression.

With the new stress on energy consumption and environmental conservation, more businesses are opting to conserve electricity. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice an aesthetically attractive sign for your business to become green. Neon uses 50 to 60 percent less electricity than most modern signs, except for LED modules. Even an efficient sign illuminated with incandescent bulbs will still utilize twice as much electricity and will not be as practical at getting your business the attention it needs.

Business neon lights that professional craftsmen adequately construct are going to stay for years and years. Compare that to the lifespan of the average lightbulb, which is approximately 6-12 months. Generally, a neon light will burn bright for about ten years or longer, and when they die, it is not because of the bulb but wiring issues or deterioration.

As long as you perform routine care, your neon signage will serve your business for numerous years.

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