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Party neon signs are a must-have at any party! Their trendy display and animative designs make your event look fun and inviting. The glow from a party neon sign will also light up your party venue and create a cool backdrop for people to take pictures and make cool videos. 

In this post, we reveal the best party neon signs to make your next party the talk of the town. Let’s check them out. 

wedding party decor neon sign

Party Neon Signs To Have at Your Next Party

Here are party neon signs you must have at your next party:

1. Let’s Party Neon Sign

Nothing says it’s party time than this Let’s party neon sign. The neon sign displays the words “Let’s Party” in a cool yellow glow and cursive font on the wall. This neon party signage will decorate your event and bring life to your party. With this party neon light hanging on the wall or roof, your party will go all night long!

2. This Must Be The Place Party Neon Sign

This Must Be The Place Red Neon Sign

Do you need a party sign to hang outside your party venue? This party neon light is the perfect fit. This neon illuminates the exterior of your party venue and welcomes guests. The cool words displayed in bright white lights create a fun party mode for your guests as they arrive at the party. When this neon sign comes on, it’s time to party!

3. Chill Neon Party Sign

The Chill Blue neon party sign from Echo neon is a must-have at your next party. Whether on the wall, roof, or corner of your party, this neon sign is sure to spark conversations and get people going. 

If you are planning a dark-light party, the cool blue lighting of the neon sign will illuminate your party room and complement the theme of your event in grand style. 

4. Spooky Neon Party Light

Bring on the scare at your party, rave, or festival with this Spooky Halloween neon party light. The neon sign displays a witch hat and Halloween pumpkin in vibrant purple and orange lights on the wall of your party venue. 

If you want to create buzz and excitement at your next party, this neon sign will help you to do just that. It’s also a cool party decor for your Halloween party. 

5. Pretty Mess Neon Party Light

Create a fun and lively mood for your guests to enjoy themselves, socialise, and party with the Pretty Mess neon party light. The trendy style design of this neon party sign would get your guests in a party mood faster than you can say party. The purple glow from the sign will also illuminate your space and light up your pictures and videos. 

Can You Customise a Party Neon Sign?

The best way to take advantage of a party neon sign is to customise one for your next party. A custom party sign will transform your party venue and put your event a level above all others. 

You can Customise a party neon sign at Echo Neon. All you have to do is upload your favourite party design on our website and our experts will build a neon sign replica of your design to use at your next party. It takes less than 3 weeks to have the custom party sign made and delivered to you. 

Pink Flower Neon Sign For Party Or Birthday Decor

Final Words

In summary, party neon signs are a great way to bring life to your party and decorate the event. There are tons of party designs to pick from and you can get the best of the lot at Echo neon

If you wish, you can also create a custom neon light to make your next event stand out from the rest. A party neon sign will light up your space and get people talking about your event for days. So, get a party neon sign today and party in style. 

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