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Are you looking to buy top quality neon signs in Australia? Then you are in the right place. This post reveals the top ten neon signs currently trending in Australia and where to get them. Let’s check them out. 

Neon Signs Trending in Australia

Here are the top 10 neon signs trending in Australia:

1. There’s No Place Like Home Neon Sign

This home neon sign has made its way into several houses in Australia to become an integral part of the living room and bedroom decor. The neon sign brings a relaxing atmosphere into your space thanks to its purple glow and beautiful cursive font. This neon sign can go in your living room, bedroom, man cave, garden, or front porch.

2. Anime Pikachu Neon Sign

The growing popularity of Anime and Pokemon movies in Australia has led to the wide acceptance of this Anime neon sign from Echo neon. This neon sign in Australia is popular for kids’ birthday parties and holiday parties.
Do you own a toy shop or comic book store? You can hang this neon sign in your shop to light up your space and attract potential customers.

3. Touchdown NRL Neon Sign

Rugby is the number one sport in Australia with hundreds of thousands of fans, so it’s no surprise that the Touchdown NRL neon sign is in-trend. 
This neon sign is popular in pubs, nightclubs, and viewing centres. You can also use the football neon sign in your living room or man cave to make game days feel more exciting bros. 

4. Hakuna Matata LED Neon Sign

The Hakuna Matata neon sign is just as popular as the movie it was drawn from. Fans of the Lion King franchise love this neon sign. 
This sign produced by Echo neon is made from eco-friendly materials that make it safe to use in your kid’s bedrooms, birthday parties, and other public events. 

5. LED Cocktail Bar Neon Sign With Martini Glass

The Cocktail neon sign is one of the most popular custom neon signs in Australia. This neon sign is a customer-favourite thanks to its multipurpose feature. You can hang it in your bar, restaurant, kitchen, or diner. You can even use it to spice up your party decor for special events.  

6. Tik Tok Neon Sign

Vloggers and content creators all around Australia love this Tik Tok neon sign because it makes their content beautiful and engaging. The neon sign is perfect for parties, gyms, salons, restaurants, pubs, and several other places. 

7. Movie Night Popcorn Neon Light

The movie night neon sign in Australia is very popular. It’s used in cinemas and houses to get everyone hyped for movie night. It’s also a cool neon sign for hangout spots and arcades. 

8. Let’s Party Neon Light

It’s party time every time with this party neon sign. Nightclubs, bars, and concerts all around the country are using this sign. It literally brings life to the party. So, surprise your mates with this neon sign and show them what it’s like to party with you!

9. Easter Egg Neon Sign

We are fast approaching the Easter holiday and families all around Australia are buying this Easter Egg neon sign. The sign is a perfect fit for the holiday season and can be used in your home, office, business place, or as a decor item for your upcoming Easter holiday party or egg hunt!

10. La Vie en Rose LED Neon Sign

This lovely neon sign is popular in Australia, especially among couples and romantic partners. It can be used to decorate your romantic events, dinner dates, and movie nights. 

Where To Find Custom Neon Signs in Australia?

Looking for where to customise your neon signs in Australia? Look no further than Echo Neon. We are a professional neon sign company with a unique design process that allows us to make and deliver any neon sign you want within a few days. 
Our custom neon signs are safe, beautiful, and made from sturdy materials guaranteed to last for several years. You can upload your preferred neon sign design, font, and colour on our neon sign customise page now and get a price quote within seconds. 

Final Words

Here is the bottom line – Neon signs are here to stay. Businesses, homes, and offices all around Australia are using neon signs. 
So, if you want the best neon signs in Australia or you want to make a unique neon sign for a special occasion, you should visit Echo Neon. We have several types of neon signs in our collection for you to shop from. We also take custom orders and our customers enjoy affordable prices and discounts. So, shop now to find a neon sign for you. 

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