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People and businesses are gradually transitioning from conventional LED signs to neon signs and for good reasons too. 

If you want to know the differences between conventional LED signs and neon signs, you are in luck because this post reveals everything you need to know about both signs. You’ll also learn why you should pick a neon sign over a traditional LED sign. 

Let’s dive in. 

What are Aesthetic Neon Signs?

Aesthetic neon signs are electric signs that are designed in gas-discharged glass tubes. Rare gases like neon, argon, mercury, and helium are filled into the glass tubes at low pressure. When the sign is plugged in, electricity passes through the rarefied gas to cause a chain reaction that produces a vibrant glow. The colour of the neon sign depends on the gas used in the tubes. 

What are Conventional  LED Signs?

Conventional LED signs are lit using LED panels. These panels contain dozens of light-emitting diodes that are arranged in specific orders or pixels to create a video display or message. When the sign is plugged in, the pixels light up to display the message or video. Sometimes, different pixels are used to create different colours.

Why Choose Neon Signs and Not LED Signs?

Here are reasons to choose a neon sign instead of conventional LED signs:

1. Neon Signs are More Attractive

Neon signs have an eye-catching effect that makes them more attractive than conventional LED signs. The vibrant glow of an aesthetic neon sign will attract people’s attention especially when the neon sign comes on at night.

Neon signs are also more visible than conventional LED signs – You can see a neon sign from a long distance but you have to move closer to a conventional LED sign to read its content or see the image being represented. 

2. Neon Signs are Stylish and In-Trend

Neon signs are more stylish and trendy than conventional LED signs. There are different designs, images, styles, and colours of neon signs. Conventional LED signs on the other hand are one-style and mostly wordings or messages. 

Conventional neon signs have the same design concept – They are usually pixels arranged next to each other in a rectangular shape to create an effect. This is why they are going out of trend because business owners want more flexibility. Neon signs however can come in any form, shape, or design. 

3. Neon Signs are Versatile

You can hang and use a neon sign anywhere including your home but conventional LED signs are more suited to official use like in churches, street corners, and offices. They are often used to display information to the public. For instance, banks use traditional LED signs to display the time and currency exchange rates.

You can use one neon sign for different events because the designs are versatile but conventional led signs are programmed to display the same information. As such, you can only use them for whatever you made them for. 

4. Neon Signs are Decorative and Colourful

Neon signs help to beautify and illuminate your space thanks to their vibrant and colourful displays. Conventional LED signs on the other hand don’t have a lot of aesthetic value. They are usually informative signs designed to do just that; pass information. 

Introducing LED Neon Signs

You already know neon signs are better than conventional LED signs, but did you know there is a new signage that is better than neon signs and conventional LED signs? Introducing LED neon signs.

LED neon signs are a hybrid of neon signs and conventional LED signs. They are made using low-energy LED bulbs that are enclosed in plastic transparent tubes and covered with acrylic sheets or plexiglass. Unlike conventional LED signs that are one-dimensional, LED neon signs come in different dimensions, sizes, shapes, and colours. 


So, where can you get LED neon signs? You can purchase LED neon signs at Echo Neon. We are a neon sign manufacturing company with tons of LED neon signs. We have home decor LED neon signs, LED neon signs for your special events, and a selection of cool and funny LED neon signs to choose from. If you want, we can create a custom LED neon sign for you.

Final Words

In summary, neon signs are better than conventional LED signs. They offer more versatility, beauty, and they have an eye-catching effect that will boost your business advertisement. However, if you want the very best in terms of quality, affordability, and versatility, you should go for a custom LED neon sign. 

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