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When you think about buying a neon sign, the first thing that comes to mind is probably advertising your business. And yes, neon signs are great for business advertising. But did you know that there are many other reasons to buy a neon sign? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a neon sign today.

Personalised neon light

A neon sign is often a unique design of your own creation. You can, for example, make it look like the logo of your business or you can make it say whatever you want! There are many possibilities and ideas available that you can use to create the perfect neon sign for yourself.

Custom neon signs are unique

A custom neon sign is a creative and unique sign that you will not find anywhere else. You can choose whatever colour, size or design that you want to make it into the perfect neon sign for your business or home. There are no limits!

Informative neon lights

Neon light can also double as informative signs for when someone does not always know what to do. It can, for example, be a sign saying where a certain room is if a visitor does not know where it is, or it can be an emergency neon sign to indicate there is trouble at the moment.

LED neon lights are memorable

Led neon signs are known for being very bright and easy to see in the dark. It means that when your customers are walking around at night, they will easily notice the neon sign you have for your business! You can also change the colours of these signs or make them into any kind of design that you want.

A neon painting for your space

A neon light design can double as a neon paint. You can get a custom neon light to create an image that your customers will remember you by. There are many possibilities available when it comes to designing and creating your own neon sign design. And if you get a neon sign with remote control, you could even control the dimness of your sign.

Custom neon lights are great for your home

Neon lights are also perfect for decoration in your home. You can have any design you want to be created into a neon light so that it looks good with the rest of your home décor. These signs are known for being creative and stylish so they look great anywhere.

Neon lights are just plain cool

Neon lights have been around for a long time and they are still incredibly popular. That alone should tell you that these neon lights are just plain cool to have in your home or business! Neon lights attract the eye of everyone who walks past them and they can stand out from other neon signs.

Create an inviting atmosphere

Use a custom neon sign to create an inviting atmosphere around your home or business. Neon lights create a very dynamic and active feeling wherever they are used which can make people feel more comfortable when they visit!

There are many reasons why you should buy a neon sign as soon as possible. Check out our website for some beautiful custom neon signs.

LED neon signs are eye-catching

A custom sign with LED lights is very easy to see in the dark. Since people often walk around when it’s dark, this is one of the most important features that you should look for when buying a neon sign.

Custom neon signs are always unique

When you buy a custom neon sign, you don’t have to worry about not finding another like it. When you get a custom sign made, you can be sure that it’s always going to be unique to your business or home.

Generate free advertising with custom neon signs

An LED neon light is a very creative way to advertise whatever you want. You can use your custom neon sign as a free advertising space for anything that you want to promote! Show off your business or home with a beautiful and original neon sign.

Informative, stylish and inspiring LED signs

An LED neon light is informative as well as stylish and beautiful at the same time. If you run a business where clients need to know the information about your products, and informative LED neon sign is perfect for doing so!

Custom neon signs are easy to find

LED neon lights are often seen as very difficult to find since they are custom-made. Echoneon has many beautiful LED custom neon light designs for you to choose from. These lights are known for being very bright and they will certainly help you advertise your business or home the way it deserves!

LED lighting is the perfect backdrop

An LED neon light can create a perfect atmosphere where you can spend your time alone or with others. These neon lights make any room look beautiful and they create the perfect backdrop for any events you might be planning!

The perfect sign for a special occasion

A custom LED neon sign which you can design online at Echoneon is perfect for any special event. These signs are perfect for parties or celebrations since they are very eye-catching and original!

LED neons can be used for almost anything you might want to use them for. Whether it’s decorating your home, business or occasion, this special usage makes the LED neon super popular.


A custom neon light is also a great way to communicate with the people to who you want to reach out. This is a stylish and creative way to stay in touch with your loved ones or potential customers.

How to choose the right neon light

Use a neon sign to brighten up your wall or room and get people talking. There are some things to keep in mind when choosing one.


Remember that the contrast between the colours of your sign is crucial. You can simply choose a neon that you think looks amazing but this could ruin the overall look of the room it’s in if there are too many contrasting colours present.


When choosing a neon, consider carefully which type of colour or design would be best for your home or business. If you decide to get a custom neon sign, remember that you can pick and choose the colours yourself! This means that you can pick any colour you want for your sign and it will be exclusive to your home or business.

Affordable neon signs

The last reason why you should buy a neon sign today is that they are affordable! This means that you can get the neon sign of your dreams without having to spend thousands! Here at Echoneon, we offer quality LED neon signs that are high-quality, have an easy installation and are affordable. Simply submit your design online.

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