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Spruce up your kitchen with these attractive, bright, and unique neon signs for room decor. Whether you love gourmet cooking at home or the family gathers around the table for homework, games, and socializing, custom neon signs add a new dimension to both style and usability. Browse the entire Echo Neon Studio’s collection and our Customize page or consider these top ten product options that suit kitchens best of all.

1 – Bon Appetit

Nothing suits a kitchen better than this classic French saying everyone knows and recognizes. Bon appetit is a way to wish everyone a good meal, great tastes, and total satisfaction of whatever they eat next. It helps set the mood for a delicious time when the family or friends gather together for a special event or an everyday breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

2 – Green Avocado

Demonstrate your love for fresh fruits and vegetables with an iconic avocado LED light. Every time you look at this stylized of produce, you may get inspiration for a new healthy dish or snack. The green and yellow colors of this premade design suit many kitchen decor schemes wonderfully and mimic the real thing in style.

3 – Coffee

Do you need a strong bolt of caffeine to get your morning started right? If you love hot or iced coffee anytime of the day, you will in choices light-up neon sign with the word in a neat serif font. If you also have tea-drinkers in your family or friends group, consider navigating to the customize page on the Echo Neon website having another product made for them. You can create your own unique style in a variety of sizes and colors.

4 – Less Is More

Different styles suit neon signs for room decor anywhere in the house, but the kitchen gets a lot of attention multiple times every day. This meaningful saying reminds people to practice moderation in all things and adopt a minimalist lifestyle of the city and satisfaction. It could even serve as an attractive reminder to stick to a diet if you want that kind of thing in your house.

5 – Central Perk Design

This custom neon sign takes its design from the popular Friends sitcom series. Even if you are not a fan of this hilarious and a long-running US show, the multi-colored wall art adds a lot of style to the kitchen. Best of all, it highlights the popularity of delicious coffee enjoyed by many. This is one of the most colorful novelty lighting options we have in our category pages.

6 – The Planet Earth

International flavors, eco-friendly living, and educational style all go hand-in-hand when you add this Earth design neon piece to your kitchen. Not only does it look great, but the soft glow of the blue and green colors can create a comfortable ambience in your breakfast nook or near the refrigerator. Of course, this type of design works well in other parts of the house, too. The options are virtually endless when you get a custom LED sign.

7 – One-Line Cats or Dogs

For families that include one or more pets, they probably have food and water dishes in the kitchen so they can eat alongside everyone else. Why not make their breakfast nook or supper spot more stylish and brighter with a stylized dog or cat graphic sign? These minimalistic yet highly attractive neon lights work well in any space shared by all of the family members both human and animal.

8 – But First, Boba Tea

If you enjoy the refreshing taste of Boba or bubble tea, you may love this unique sign in your kitchen space. These flavorful beverages with tapioca or orbs at the bottom have become very popular all over the world. People drink them in the morning and for a refreshing snack halfway through the day. They even make yummy desserts to enjoy in the later hours. Decorate your home with the unique look of multi-colored customized LED neon like this.

9 – France or Italy Flags

For families or roommates who love international flavors, consider one of the colorful European flags offered here. Does everyone clamor for your spaghetti sauce and meatballs when they want a delicious dinner to enjoy? Go with the Italian flag. Perhaps breakfast is croissants and pain au chocolat every weekend. A French flag will show off your love of these delicious pastries and more specialties from diverse countries.

10 – Intricate Neon Tile

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the house, so it makes sense to decorate them with the most personal style and attention. Whether you have designer tile work on the walls or floor, you can add a touch of ambience with the intricate tile design LED neon wall art available here. This detailed graphic sign is the perfect way to add light and ambience to your kitchen at home.

Make your kitchen shine with neon signs for room decor that increase the appetite, show off your love for international cuisine, welcomed the whole family in, or simply illuminate and decorate the space. While some may not consider glowing LED lights in this most popular room in the house, they really make a big impact wherever you hang them.

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