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Looking at all these wonderful neon signs for home adorning the walls of Instagram influencers, interior designers, and home decor pages is alluring. If you have taken a walk down your trendy uptown neighbourhood you will surely come across some really vibrant and quirky neon signs, which are the next best thing!

Not only homes but neon signs are being actively adopted in weddings and various events. Talk about creating bright memories!

If you have been thinking about getting a neon sign for your home, this is your place to look at some of the best, pocket-friendly neon signs that can brighten your home and also offer the best value for money. Neon signs can not only be put up on blank walls but also can be cutomised into area-specific signs. For example, your coffee station can have a bright neon wall sign saying your favorite or a motivational quote, or just the lyrics to your favourite song to get the day going. So much so today, neon signs are being used to decorate a house’s front porch or deck, giving it a romantic, vintage vibe.

In this blog, we showcase some of the best neon wall signs from Echo Neon that can change transform your home inside out:


 Let’s Stay Home LED Neon Sign

This is a classic, bright neon sign for home that talks to you at a personal level. After a hectic day of work and other activities, you want to return home and relax. ‘Let’s stay home’ speaks about taking the day off and relaxing at home, cooking your favourite meal and completing your household chores, or just lazing on the bed, enjoying all alone or with your family. This neon sign is bright yellow, emitting warm light, giving you the essential brightness yet not disturbing your senses from being relaxed.


My Happy Place LED Neon Sign

We all love our homes, but some of us have a special place that resonates with us, whether for relaxation, work, or just drinking coffee. That corner or room is your happy place, and what better way to let everyone know that than a neon wall sign which adorns the wall of that room, be it your bedroom or kitchen? Finding your happy place is a state of mind and can be achieved by doing various activities you like, yet the “My Happy Place LED Neon Sign” can make the ambiance more favourable. Create your personal space with this beautiful neon sign offering a warm light to make it more unique.


Coffee Menu LED Neon Sign

Coffee is an essential staple in our household. We like coffee in one way or the other and our neon sign describes just that. The brightly lit neon wall sign can be placed on top of a coffee bar or kitchen or your happy place. The neon wall sign represents the types of coffee most of us are addicted to and shows our love of the drink. This sign can also be used as a way to display the different types of drinks on offer and the present ingredients. Spice up your love for coffee with our neon sign for a room.


No Place Like Home LED Neon Sign

We all know there is no place like home because that is where we feel ourselves and be who we are without worry. Home is our place to be at ease, relax, and find happiness in a time of uncertainty, whether through a hobby or a passion. The phrase ‘No place like home‘ has been used to describe various mindsets, but since we are talking about neon signs for home, we are using the same to show how much we love our home, no matter the size or structure. The bright pink neon sign emits a warm light that makes the atmosphere soothing and comfortable, making your home a special place.


Farmer’s Market LED Neon Sign

Love the Farmer’s market? Like the array of fresh fruits and vegetables and all the other beautiful displays of fresh food? Why not immortalize that feeling with our neon wall sign? This sign can be placed in the kitchen or pantry where you cook and store your daily produce. Who doesn’t like visiting the Farmer’s market to shop for all that beautiful, fresh local produce and soaking in the sights and sounds of the vibrant place where people from all walks of life come together for their love of local, fresh, ethically sourced vegetables and fruits along with other add-ons including condiments and perfect proteins.

Above are just a few examples of how our neon signs can brighten up your home. If you have any questions or suggestions, do let us know.

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