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In the midst of a struggling economy, retail store presentation and marketing matter more than ever before. Custom LED signs offer an exceptional option for both of these essential parts of building and growing a business. In the end, it does not matter whether your shop sells dog toys, boutique clothing, car parts, or books. You need a way to get and keep attention in order to make an impact on your targeted customer base.

When you consider neon signs for sale, choose those that make the biggest impact, convey the right message, bring attention to exactly the right products, and do all this without drastically affecting your bottom line. Success is largely a matter of creating the right atmosphere. Artwork, lights, and signage invite people inside, help promote your brand, and create the right mood for shopping all day long. These unique uses for custom LED signs in retail stores will help you achieve these goals with style.

1 – Open / Closed Signs

Above all else, shoppers need to know your store is open for business if you want them to walk through the doors. Neon has long been used for Open signs in all types of retail stores. When you choose highly efficient, virtually unbreakable, and superbright LED varieties, you invite people in and make the best first impression without stretching your budget. Most retail stores do not have a separate Closed sign, but it is an interesting option. Also consider using custom neon four hours of operation or special events beyond regular shopping times.

2 – Brand Logo or Identifying Graphic

When you use all of the customization options available, your logo or brand icon can shine like never before. Contact us to learn about the different styles, shapes, and colors available for precision designing and manufacturing work. All the choices may help you decide on an identifying mark or a design that fits the mood and intention of your brand completely.

3 – Company Name or Identity

Use the customization page to create a powerful identification tool for your retail shop no matter what industry or niche you represent. The extensive list of possible fonts, colors, and sizes allow for creation of a neon sign that represents your company perfectly. When you hang a bright and eye-catching LED light over your front door, cash registers, or anywhere, you cement your brand identity into the minds of every shopper. You can even use the same font and color on business cards, shopping bags, and other branded promotional items.

4 – Sale or Discount Notice

When you use neon signs for sales announcements or special offers, you increase the potential for more lucrative sales overall. A simple glowing light that says “Sale” gets attention right away and convinces browsers to continue into your store and take a closer look at your quality products. Other options include price points, percentages off, or well-known concepts like BOGO, buy one, get one free. Illuminated displays draw the eye much better than simple signs.

5 – Identify Departments

Most retail establishments sell more than one type of product. Even if you run a small store, you undoubtedly have different departments or sections that interest a variety of customers. Choose meaningful words, phrases, or graphics to identify them. This helps shoppers find exactly what they want and improves overall satisfaction levels to a great degree. At a glance, people can appreciate the wide variety of your product offerings.

6 – Boost the Shopping Atmosphere

When customers browse in a store, they need sufficient lighting to see the products clearly, determine exact colors, and read small tags for sizes, materials, prices, and more. Any fluorescent or overhead lighting can do this, but ordinary options fail to create a stylistic atmosphere that promotes your brand effectively. This is where custom LED signs truly shine. There is a huge difference between a simple lightbulb and a glowing green palm frond or a cool blue skateboard design.

7 – Create a Memorable Mood

People are more apt to buy a lot of products if they feel good. When you choose neon signs for sale displays and wall or window decoration, you have the perfect opportunity to create a mood that affects your customers’ desire to make a purchase. Whether you delve into the idea of color meanings and associated emotions or just want to present a soothing or exciting feel, you can get what you need with LED neon lights.

Custom LED signs shine for retail shop displays and marketing accents. These reasons for including them in your brick-and-mortar location make them a smart choice for getting the type of attention your products need. No matter your product line or point-of-sale models, using neon signs for sale displays can boost your bottom line and impress customers with one glance.

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