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Whether you want to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle or simply want to lower your electric bills every month, LED light signs provide the perfect product choice for you. Not only are these highly efficient lamps a smart upgrade from old-fashioned lighting, and also add a lot of style to your home, office, or commercial space. It is possible to decorate your home or business with the amazing style of customized neon without much impact on your electricity bills or guilt about using inefficient lighting or display features. Learn the specifics about the efficiency ratings and long-lasting power of these cool neon signs so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

The Efficiency of Cool Neon Signs

Whenever you think about saving money and the environment, efficiency is the first consideration. This holds true for both the product materials themselves and how much energy the sign or piece of wall art uses. When it comes to LED light signs, nothing is more efficient than the custom products offered here at Echo Neon Studios. This holds true for a few very important reasons.

It all starts with the manufacturing process and using the highest quality materials possible. While other companies may skimp on these things and produce a lower quality sign, we always do our best to deliver something that will last for many years to come. If you have to throw out your decoration or lamp after one year or two, efficiency suffers because you are creating excess waste. Instead, if the strong LED bulbs and sturdy tubing last longer, you can enjoy style and illumination and not end up filling a landfill.

Long lasting power helps, but one of the most important considerations when thinking about saving money and living a greener lifestyle focuses on how much electricity the sign uses. Comparing these LED light signs to traditional neon or other types of novelty lighting makes the choice simple.

How LED Light Signs Compare to Others

When you research the difference in estimated lifespan and operational costs between regular LED, fluorescent, and old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, you will be impressed with the savings and efficiency of the first type. When it comes to neon tube lighting, you get the same benefits in an affordable package that adds a splash of color and great style to any room or event.

The high-quality LED bulbs used in Echo Neon wall signs can last for up to 60,000 operational hours. That means you can leave your sign on for approximately six years without ever turning it off and still enjoy the same steady, bright glow. Fluorescent bulbs give you about 10,000 hours, and incandescents only last about 2000 before burning out.

No one will leave their cool neon signs on all the time, however. If you want to make it last even longer and use less electricity, choose a custom-designed with a colored tube that shows up well even when it is not plugged in and turned on. You can also choose a color or printed acrylic backing for a more unique design.

If a bulb lasts longer, you get more enjoyment of the piece without the waste and expense of replacing it. Do these types of bulbs actually cost less to operate though? Yes. Of course, the actual numbers depend on your local energy costs, but the kilowatt per hour costs for LED operation is about 60% of fluorescent bulbs and 15-20% of incandescent bulbs. That represents a huge savings in both energy consumption and effect on your utility bills.

Although these numbers sound impressive for basic light bulbs, most people do not purchase cool neon signs to light up their entire home or shop. They are accent pieces, decorations, or commercial signage intended to bring focus to a particular part of a business. If you have shied away from purchasing illuminated wall art in the past because you worry about higher bills or environmental impact, these facts should help convince you otherwise. You can enjoy the colorful light you want without worry.

From a savings perspective, LED light signs offer multiple benefits over incandescent and even fluorescent bulbs and older light fixtures. While this helps families run an eco-friendlier home, the advantages become even more important in commercial shops or offices that worry about overhead costs. The cool neon signs offered at Echo Neon Studio cannot replace every lamp in your house or business, but they can go a long way to making it more exciting and efficient.

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