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Taking the time out to hang out with friends and catch up on lost time can help you escape from the everyday lifestyle you are accustomed to, and who would say no to such an escape after a long week? Dance parties provide an avenue for these needed activities. Hence, it is unsurprising that dance parties have become a popular way to unwind.

Many societies and cultures integrate dance as a form of self-expression and socialisation. If you have ever had a 30-minute dance with a group of friends with your favourite music blasting, you can tell how exhilarating the activity is. Read on as we help you plan your next dance party!

What is a Neon Dance Party?

One great thing about dance parties, asides from the fun and excitement, is that you can get as creative as possible with its planning. You have many creative options, from the dress code to the choice of music and even the party’s theme. A Neon Dance Party allows for every form of creation and is one of the best choices.

Like every other dance event, a neon-themed dance party is a gathering of people where the main activity is dancing; you can also include other secondary activities like playing games. However, the party’s setting makes neon dance parties different from regular ones. Neon LED light sources are also used.

A neon dance party is a great choice as you can get creative with the décor; you can also work with any available space, no matter how small, although you should consider the guest size. Another wonderful thing is that neon dance parties work for all age groups. Who doesn’t love colourful events? Let’s help you plan your next neon dance party with a few ideas.

5 Planning Ideas for a Neon Dance Party

Here are some wonderful ideas to guide you through planning your dance party and ensuring your guests have the best time. 

     1. Themed party invitations:

Your preparations for a great party should start with the invitations you send to your potential guests. You can begin to set the mood for a neon-themed party with your invite—make it creative, not boring, to give your audience an idea of how much fun they are bound to have at your dance party.

A great idea would be to have a colourful design with common neon colours for a printed invite. If you prefer digital invites, make sure that the themes used are colourful and that they pass the message across, you can include a dancing neon sign in the digital invite. Also, make sure that the time, venue, and location are well communicated with the invite.

     2. Neon Themed Décor:

Another important thing that contributes to a great dance party is the décor. Your location décor should suit the party’s theme while considering the planned activities. Here are some great décor tips to take note of when setting up the event space for your neon dance party;

  • Ensure proper lighting. Make sure that the space is light and bright enough. You should also ensure that the light sources can be easily adjusted to fit the mood of the party.
  • Make use of decorative tools like wall art or decor and neon signs. You can put neon signs that speak the language of the dance party on the wall. For example, a dance party neon sign or some dancing neon lights are a great idea. You can also have customized neon signs that spell out words like “let’s party,” “let’s dance!” or “let the party begin!”
  • Your location should have enough space to cater to all your guests. It’s a dance party, so everyone needs enough space to move freely.
  • Another great idea is to map out the dance floor. You can use only some of the space available for dancing as there should be room for other activities like serving drinks, chatting, and socialising.

Use LED neon lights or signs to map out the dance area—do this by putting neon party lights around the created space or using lamps.

Consider all planned activities while setting up the location. You want your dancing guests to avoid getting wrapped up in drapes while dancing.

    3. Neon Party Games:


Games at a dance party can boost the mood of your guests and help even the most introverted person socialise properly. If you want to organize a great dance party, consider including games in the list of activities for the event. Here are some great gaming ideas;

  • Truth or Dare Game: this is an easy and fun game for your neon dance party. You can include dares in different colours of balloons and throw one at a time while everyone is dancing. The last person the balloon hits before it drops to the ground would have to pop it and carry out the dare in it.
  • Dance charade: in this game, each player would pick from a paper pile where movie titles are written. Then they would try to enact a dance scene from the movie without saying a word; the other guests would have to guess the movie.
  • Hoop Challenge: Neon hoops or bands are needed for this game. Two or more players are chosen, and they must toss their hoops or bands onto an object at a distance. The player with the highest number of bands on the object wins by the end of the game.
  • Dance choreography or social media trends: one of those popular trends to follow is to use glow sticks and tape them to the participants’ bodies, then turn off all light sources and have someone record the activity (which would show only dancing silhouettes). It is hilarious, fun, and age-appropriate.
  • Other games include Tic Tac using neon sticks and bands, break dancing challenges, hide and seek, and many more!       

     4. Dress code:

Another fun way to encourage togetherness at your dance party is to suggest a dress code for all guests. It can be specific colours or specific clothing types; ensure that you are creative with it and make sure that they are comfortable.

     5. Music choice:

The choice of music at your dance party is as important as the party itself. Since it’s a dance party, the music should be enough to make people get loose and dance without much cajoling. To ensure this, you must invest in great playlists or hire a professional DJ. It would be best to consider the guests in choosing a playlist; make sure all songs are age appropriate.


A neon dance party is a great way to celebrate with friends, have fun, and relieve stress and anxiety. However, to ensure that all guests have the best time, all activities for the dance party must be well-planned. Proper planning starts with the invites you send out to your potential guests. Follow the ideas discussed in this guide, and be sure to have the best neon dance party!

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