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Lights are not only necessary because of their illuminating function but also because they serve decorative functions. You can say that a space is not fully functional until a sound lighting system is available. Hence, lighting is an integral part of interior design. 

Decoration lights come in different types, shapes, and colours to enhance the look and feel of a room. You can liken decorative lights to the use of jewellery as an extra layer of accessories to help beautify a person’s body; lights serve similar functions—they make spaces look more attractive. Several types of decorative lights are available, and you can use a variety of these for your indoor and outdoor spaces. This guide will take you through the best decorative light options for indoor and outdoor needs. 

Lighting Décor for Indoor Spaces

You can get creative with your indoor spaces by using decorative lights that are functional and beautiful. Decorative lights come in various shapes and types, and selecting the best one for your space can be game-changing. Check out these lighting options for your indoor spaces. 

Lounge Room

The lounge room is usually the first contact visitors have with your home, and it is vital that the décor is beautiful and inviting. Your lounge room décor reflects who you are, and decorative lights are a great choice to show you are welcoming. Ensure that the lights in the lounge room are not too bright or too complex—stick with simple designs and make sure they fit other decorations in the room. 

The decorative light options for lounge rooms are;

  • Bulb chandelier
  • Wall lights (with different colours)
  • Bulbs with designs
  • Ceiling lights
  • Scones with great sculptural designs


Your bedroom is your personal space, so the décor speaks about your personality and style. Aside from your wall designs and colour, decorative lights can also help make your room look great. Decorative lights also help to set the mood for your bedroom, depending on how you wish to use them. However, when choosing décor lights for your bedroom, consider the settings, the space, and functionality. Some examples of decorative lights for bedrooms are;

  • Table lamps
  • Neon signs 
  • Spotlights
  • Floor lamp
  • Jar candle lanterns


Another space where decorative lights can be useful is office spaces. Lights are an essential factor that influences creativity and productivity in workspaces. Hence the type of lights used in offices should be soft on the eyes (not too bright or too dim) to reduce the risk of fatigue while working. The types of light design used should also be simple and perfect for office use. Chandeliers, for example, are not the best choice for office lights. You also want to ensure that the office lights’ colour does not impair reading. Some great options for decorative lights for offices are;

  • Decorative ceiling lights
  • Adjustable table lamps
  • Decorative bulbs
  • Wall lights
  • Modern and small chandeliers 


House owners sometimes ignore their kitchens while planning their interior designs because many believe they require the least decoration effort as guests hardly walk into their kitchens. Also, many people associate the kitchen with tasks like cooking and washing, and they wonder why they have to spend extra to make it more beautiful. 

However, it has been observed that kitchen areas with the best décor help improve mood and enhance cooking productivity. Great décor includes decorative lighting sources. These lights can help improve your mood, get you into character, and create a pleasant atmosphere for all kitchen chores. 

Some decorative lights for kitchens are;

  • Pendant lights
  • Modern wall lights
  • Accent lamps
  • Spotlights 


Like kitchens, many homeowners hardly see the need to invest in their bathrooms since they see them as a space that takes care of their sanitary needs. However, proper bathroom décor not only allows easy mobility and reduction in risks of accidents; a good bathroom décor allows you the benefit of a luxurious space where you can unwind at the end of each day and have moments of solitude. 

Decorative lights in the bathroom help to provide illumination and add to your space’s aesthetics.             

Great options for decorative lights in the bathrooms are;

  • Chandeliers- these are great for large bathrooms
  • Wall scones
  • Jar lights
  • Vanity lights
  • Floor lamps

Passageways or Hallways

The passage or hallways leading into various rooms in your home do not have to look ugly, bland, or boring. You can spice things up by using decorative lights. These lights help to illuminate your hallways, which are usually darker than other parts of the house; they also beautify these hallways. Reception areas can also function with the same type of lights. 

  • Neon non traditional floor lamp
  • Wall lights
  • Rail lights
  • Cove lights                                                                         

Lighting Décor for Outdoor Spaces

One way to brighten outdoor events and create beautiful scenery is by using decorative lights. Decorative lights can help transform a dull-looking environment into a bright and radiant atmosphere, especially when natural lights are not available at night. Weddings, pools, bars, and gardens are examples of outdoor spaces where decorative lights like neon tube bars can be effective. 

Wedding Ceremonies

Suppose you would love to have your wedding ceremony as an outdoor event, especially in the evening. In that case, one of the decorations you should consider is the type of lighting. Great light sources would help provide visibility and safety for all your guests, and an extra value is that decorative lights help give an extra bit of aesthetics to the environment. Decorative lights differ from typical light sources as they allow you to see well during the dark and make your environment look great.

Some decorative light sources for wedding events include;

  • Neon signs: some great neon sign décor ideas for weddings are “Mr. & Mrs.” Inscriptions or “Welcome” signs usually placed at the event entrance for guests. 
  • Outdoor décor neon signs can also be placed on trees or tree-like structures at the outdoor event to give a beautiful scene. 
  • Modern lanterns and candle lights
  • Rope lights


A mistake a homeowner can make is to think of gardens as a separate part of the home. When you consider your garden part of your home’s space, it would not be difficult to care for and beautify it appropriately. Illuminating your gardens with decorative lights helps you see your way through the garden paths, allowing you to visit even at night. Not only do they beautify, but decorative lights also add to the environment’s ambiance. 

  • Floor lamps
  • String lights
  • Lighted vases
  • Post/wall lights


You can agree with me that night-time swims are enjoyable. But not being able to make your way around the pool is unpleasant, and great light sources can help easily fix this problem. However, rather than use general or traditional lighting, why not use lights that help transform your pool into an aesthetic space—decorative lights are the best choice. Several types of decorative lights are great for the pool; some of these are;

  • String lights
  • Underwater lights
  • Moonlights
  • Pool lights (placed above ground)
  • Modern lanterns. 


Decorative lights for your spaces are different from traditional light sources as the function is to provide illumination and also add aesthetic value to your space. You can turn your spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas using various decorative lights like neon signs, neon tube bars, and floor lamps. While choosing your decorative lights, ensure that you consider your preferences, style, and space size.

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