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The success of any type of business relies on many things, not least of which is the marketing-focused displays at the location itself. Neon signs on both the exterior and interior of the property offer many benefits that reverberate through every aspect of a successful strategy. Learn how to design and place custom neon lights for maximum effect in order to attract more customers or clients, streamline the decision-making and buying process, and make an impression about the type of brand consumers want to spend their money on.

Open for Business with Neon Signs

Neon signs have been a great way for local businesses to attract new customers for decades. All they need is electricity and a sturdy place to hang to do their job perfectly. Place a neon sign in your front window to make it clear that you are open for business. As a company owner, it is your responsibility to present your company in the best possible light. You want people to be able to find you and become loyal customers.

Adding the perfect sign color and design to your business is a great way to do just that. The best open signs can help you to stand out from the competition and really build your business. Traditional designs include the word Open in red and white with a large, easy-to-read, sans serif font. While this may convey your message immediately with one glance, other options that align with your brand identity better may suit your needs.

Neon signs are the most common type of Open signs for any type of business from a small retail boutique to a large restaurant. It does not matter if you are a barber, dog boarding facility, childcare center, or hardware store, you need to let people know you are open so they bother getting out of their car and walking up to the door.

Create the Right Shopping Mood

The first step to creating a shopping mood is setting the right ambiance. Neon lights are a great way to do it. Shopping is not just about buying things. It is also about having fun with others, trying new styles, and discovering new options that suit your interests and lifestyle. Shop owners want to facilitate all these positive things and improve the chance of people buying something, but they have to pay special attention to their budgets when decorating their space. Installing neon signs or custom neon lights is an excellent way to create a mood affordably.

What is the right shopping mood? In general, you want the people went to your shop to feel positive, comfortable, relaxed, and eager. It seems impossible to do all this with a simple light-up sign, and it is true that one or two neon lights will not achieve all these goals. However, if you select colors, shapes, and words or phrases that match your brand identity well, it will help consumers feel more positive about spending money with you.

Draw Shoppers to Different Products

Just like an open sign gets someone in the door, different custom neon lights can pull them through the shop to different products or displays. In-house neon signs are all the rage for attracting customers. They are especially effective in getting attention on new products. Using this tactic, you can put create a direct flow of traffic exactly where you want shoppers to go. And Of course, it helps to display new product lines near the front of the store where people will go automatically once they enter. However, everything does not fit on the most prominent shelving unit or rack. The glow and color of LED neon lights grab attention fast and make people more likely to step closer and find out what lies beneath them.

Neon signs are one of the best ways to get your products noticed. Even the greatest products carefully organized in the store will not get noticed by consumers if they do not approach close enough. Most shoppers will not go out of their way to search for things. Sometimes, a bright light with colors on the unique design is enough to make them put out the extra effort. This can result in more sales for you.

Light Up Your Marketing Online

While these types of novelty lighting and signage can affect your physical location in many great ways, they also serve a great purpose for online marketing strategies. First of all, if you use any photos of your shop, restaurant, or service company on your website or in business directories, the neon signs add an eye-catching element that other businesses in the area may not have. It is all about attracting more attention than your competitors. Secondly, the custom LED signs themselves can become a focal point of your branding efforts. This is especially true if you have one custom-made to include your logo, brand name, or slogan.

The world of Internet marketing is chock-full of options for consumers no matter what type of product or service they are looking for. If you want to succeed, you need to do more than get attention. You also have to translate those website hits or ad clicks to visits to your brick-and-mortar establishment. Of course, with the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, you should have that option in place. Using graphics that include your neon signs will make the right impression when people take the time to drive to your location and stop in to explore.

The matter what type of business you operate, success comes from a huge list of decisions about product or service types, employee hiring, location, site setup and decoration, and your overall marketing strategy. Custom neon lights offer many benefits that touch on most of these categories. They make attracting attention and keeping it easier than ever before.

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