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When you first start exploring all the options of neon signs for sale, you probably come across traditional ones made from glass tubing and inert gases first. These old-fashioned and expensive novelty lighting options come with a host of problems and risks you do not want to face. On the other hand, LED light signs are manufactured carefully from safe materials to help you avoid them. These problems that will not happen with modern, affordable, and safe neon signs can help you decide what style to choose for home, business, or special event use.

1 – Broken Glass Danger

If not properly secured or if someone or something falls against a traditional neon sign, it will shatter into many dangerous shards of glass. They will fall all over the floor, shelves, and person and could cause injury. With LED light signs fashioned from PVC tubing, you never have to worry about this potential hazard. Even if someone or something could fall against the novelty lighting fixture with enough force to break it, you will not end up with shards of anything. To keep things even safer, every one of the designs offered here, affixed to a laser-cut acrylic backing that stabilizes the tubes and makes it easier to hang up safely.

2 – Potentially Hazardous Gas Leaks

While it is true that the inert gases usually used in neon lights are not toxic or injurious in the small amounts used to light up these signs, it still introduces something extra to the display that you do not need to worry about with LED bulbs. This becomes especially important when you have to dispose of a broken or worn-out neon sign. The materials and gases are used to mean that you cannot just toss them in a garbage can or dumpster. Why not choose a gas-free option that makes use and disposal much simpler?

3 – Annoying Buzzing Sounds

Even the best glass and gas neon signs for sale were out more quickly than they are LED counterparts. When this happens, the electrical components inside may buzz or create other soft, insidious sounds. This is similar to how old fluorescent tube bulbs make noise before they ultimately fail. Some people do not even notice, but they can become quite annoying to others who venture nearby. Avoiding this problem whenever possible is always the best bet if you are using this type of novelty art display in your home or a consumer-focused business.

4 – Flickering Lights

If the buzzing sounds of older lights were not annoying enough, the traditional designs may also flicker or dim before they go out for good. Needless to say, flickering lights are highly annoying and may even cause headaches and other health issues for people with certain disorders like epilepsy. LED light signs never flicker because the bulbs either work or work with nothing in between. The unique structure and operation of light-emitting diodes make steady and bright light standards with this type of bulb.

5 – Burning Out Too Soon

When you explore the expected lifespan of traditional glass and gas neon versus those made of PVC tubes and lit with LED bulbs, you may see similar numbers pop up. The first can last 8 to 10 years, but this claim only refers to neon signs that are used for short periods of time every day and turned off when not in use. Of course, no one would keep a sign on every single moment of the next decade, but you still will need to replace these expensive options sooner than you would like. On the other hand, LED-powered novelty lighting can also last 8 to 10 years, but this number indicates continuous usage. Yes, LED bulbs can burn continuously for 70,000 hours or more without failing. For home or business décor, this translates into a virtual lifetime of use without the expense of replacement.

6 – Breaking Your Budget

If you do not have to replace the sign in a few years, you can enjoy lower costs over the lifetime of your sign needs. PVC and LED neon signs for sale or also incredibly cheaper than traditional gas ones and have the same amazing light capabilities, color, and effect on everyone who sees them. With the savings, you have the option to keep your overall decoration or display expenses low or get more light signs for your money. This is especially helpful if you want to purchase many to decorate for a party or other special event.

7 – Failure to Impress People

All the problems you can avoid when you purchase modern neon signs for sale from a reputable manufacturer an online shop like Echo Neon Studios should convince you that this is the best choice. In the end, it all comes down to why you want neon wall art to begin with. They impress people and make you feel the same way whenever you see them. While this is most important if you choose this type of décor for your brick-and-mortar shop, club, restaurant, or other business location, it also pertains to party and home decor, too. The color, brightness, optional options like dynamic or cycling patterns, intricate designs, and full customization options will impress people time after time.

When you choose any of these neon signs for sale, you get a long-lasting, highly efficient, and 100% impressive piece of wall art or novelty lighting to enjoy. Unlike with traditional neon lights, you do not have to worry about these seven annoying problems. Best of all, you can decorate your next party, business site, or any room in your house with no safety risks involved.

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