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Neon signs for rooms are a great way to give your home the attention it deserves. You can find neon signs for walls, neon signs for floors and neon signs for ceilings from many different retailers.

Choosing the right neon sign is easy as long as you know what kind of neon sign you want and where you want to place it.

Are there different types of neon signs?

There are quite a few types of neon signs, some of these include LED neon signs, custom neon lights, and regular neon lights.

Custom neon sign

Custom neon lights are perfect to get your creativity on the walls of your home. These are customisable as their name suggests and can be made to measure and come in various colours. They can be used as a neon light for home decor, or even a night light.

Normal neon signs

Normal neon signs are neon lights that can either be upright or horizontal. These neon signs for rooms are very bright and the colours almost jump out at you. You can find neon lights in white, red, green, or blue. They are great for making a statement in any room of your home.

Normal neon signs aren’t custom neon lights because they can’t be changed or adapted. They come as they are, and can be neon room lights, or novelty lights for special occasions.

LED neon signs

Our neon lights are all led neon signs, which means they’re durable and energy-efficient. They brighten your wall, living room, or bedroom with their stunning neon glow.

The LED neon signs require minimal maintenance. They are ideal neon lights designed for commercial use, but there is no reason you can’t get one of these neon signs for home use too. One advantage of LED neon is that it has a long lifespan when compared to other neon light types.

How to choose a sign for your room

Choose a room

Firstly, think about the room you want the lights to go in. Is it your dining room, bedroom, living room, or another living space? This will determine the vibe you want your neon sign to give off.

Choose a sign that fits your room decor. This is something you will look at every day, so it’s important that it goes with your current décor or helps to create a new look within your home.

If the sign is too loud then it may not be appropriate in some rooms, however, if the neon light has soft lights, then it will be perfect in rooms like bedrooms.

Neons for rooms are a great way to make your room livelier and more inviting. They can be made to order, so the sign becomes special both for you and your guests.

Measure your space

Next, measure the space you want your sign to be in so that it fills your wall just the way you want it to. Custom signs are perfect for home decor, but you need to make sure that it looks good in the space you’ve chosen, whether this is the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else.

Choose a colour scheme

Choose a colour scheme for your neon light signs, and

neon light signs


The benefits of having a neon sign in your home

Brighten your space with LED neon light signs

Use them to brighten up your space and create a home image that inspires you and showcases your personality. Make your home image relaxing and personal.


Create a space that is uniquely yours. Your loved ones will enjoy coming home to your custom neon lights, and they’ll feel more at home in the place you’ve created together.

Let your neon light create a statement for you! If you’re looking to splurge on neon lights, go for signs that are in bright neon colours like red or blue in order to make the most of the neon glow. If you want something more subtle, try green neon lights which are slightly darker neon lights.

Lift the mood with a neon light

Step out of your comfort zone and use neon lights to change the mood in your home. This is an inexpensive way to create a wonderful experience for you and your family, which will teach them to appreciate their home environment. Use them to lighten the mood or soften it- these lights are so versatile!

Different ways to incorporate neon signs into your design

Neon signs for a room can be used in a lot of ways. You can hang them on the wall like a painting or lean them against the wall. If you have a lot of floor space, you could place them on the ground in a line or stacked formation. You can also use neon lights as a night light in your child’s room for safety and peace of mind.

You could also create a special corner in your home that is dedicated to your neon light signs. This could be a reading nook, office corner, or meditation space- the possibilities are endless!

Tips when choosing neon signs for others

Choosing a gift can be difficult. So, if you’re choosing an LED neon as a gift, here are some suggestions:

-If the person you’re buying for already has a lot of decors in their home, try to find a sign that is complementary to their current style.

-If the person you’re buying for likes to be bold and adventurous with their home design, choose a neon light that is bright and eye-catching.

-If the person you’re buying for likes a more subtle home décor style, choose a sign that is slightly darker.

Whatever you do, make sure to think about the person’s personality and their current interior design when choosing a neon light for them!


Neon lights are definitely a unique way to add some personality and life to your living spaces. They are perfect for people who want to make a statement with their home décor, and they come in a range of different shapes and sizes to fit any room. With neon lights, the possibilities are endless!

Are you looking for a way to add some life to your living spaces? Consider using neon signs for rooms! Neon signs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so you can easily find a sign that fits in with your current living space. Echoneon has a range to choose from, you can even have them made to order, so they’re unique to you and your home!

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