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Home decor enthusiasts have always used drawings, wordings, designs, and art to decorate building walls especially in the home and office. However, the search for what wall art is in trend can be a daunting task due to the different designs and types of wall art out there.

So, to make your search easier, this post reveals the top 10 most attractive wall art trends to try in 2022. The wall art decor trends on this list are ideal for home, office, and event decor. 


Here are 10 wall attractive art trends to check out in 2022:

1. Wall Neon Signs

Let’s start the list with the trendiest wall art in 2022; wall neon signs. We aren’t talking about the traditional glass neon tubes that you see outside old diners. No, those are outdated. We are talking about LED wall neon signs designed from sturdy PVC tubing and LED bulbs. 

LED wall neon signs are carefully handcrafted to display the most beautiful and attractive art on your wall. 

There are several types of wall neon signs ranging from famous catchphrases and movie posters to positive wordings and illustrative art. So, you can always find a trendy LED wall neon sign for your wall. Shop from a wide selection of wall neon signs or have one custom made just for you. Trust us, it’s wall neon season!

2. 3D Wall Art

Another trendy wall art to watch out for in 2022 is 3D wall panels and artwork. Have you ever walked into a room and you see a wall decor that looks like it’s popping out of the wall? That’s a 3D wall artwork. This trendy decor idea is made from different environmentally-safe materials including plastic, wood, and plexiglass. 

Many homeowners go for this trendy wall art because it gives a new meaning to wall decor due to its ultra-realistic appearance. Whether it’s woven baskets, random shapes, or custom logos, 3D wall art design brings it to life. 

3. Wall Gallery

Wall gallery has evolved over the years to become one of the trendiest wall art ideas in 2022. Decorators now arrange designed photos, frames, and beautiful objects on the walls of buildings to give a simple yet stylish appearance. 

The frames could be drawn from exotic locations, celebrities, animals, famous movies, sports, and much more. You can even customize a unique set of frames just for you to personalize your space. The objects can also be historical or cultural artifacts from different eras. This trendy idea will class up your walls and make it a picture-worthy background. Wall galleries are more common in business places and corporate buildings. 

4. Acrylic Wall Murals

Get creative and decorate your wall with acrylic wall murals that will have your guests dazzled. This wall art trend is common because it allows for imagination and individual artistry. With a broad range of colours to choose from, you can create or recreate any photo, writing, or art idea with acrylic wall murals. 

If you want to add extra detail and character to your room decor, you should create an acrylic wall mural from your design. Nothing oozes class and style than a wall mural painted uniquely for you.

5. Wood Decor

Wood decor is perhaps the most versatile wall art trend in 2022 and much so since you can create multiple types of wall art from wood. From floating shelves and consoles to wooden shapes, paneling, designs, and small artistic pieces, wood decor can give you that extra touch of class and style that you want. Wood decor is great for all types of walls and easy to install.

6. Collector’s Wall

Do you have any rare artifacts that you collect? Maybe jerseys of your favorite soccer team, rare coins, photos, movie covers, and the likes. You can display your collections on an empty wall – It’s like having a gallery in your home or space. The collections can go on the wall above the sofa or by the stairs. 

The collector’s wall can also work in your business place. Are you a photographer? You can display a photo collection of famous photographers or vintage cameras on your wall. If you have a sports store, you can display vintage jerseys and sports equipment on the wall of your store. 

A collector’s wall is both a piece of entertainment and decoration which is why it’s on this list of the trendiest wall art ideas of 2022. 

7. Wall Mouldings

You can never go wrong with wall mouldings and intricate trim designs on your wall. Wall mouldings highlight the edges on your wall by reflecting light rays through the room. With the right choice of lighting and wall mouldings in a room, your guests would be asking what you have done with the place. 

8. Mirrored Wall Art

People have always hung mirrors on walls as a piece of decor and this practice has taken a giant leap in 2022. Now, homeowners use mirrors with vintage frames and unique designs to decorate the walls in their homes and offices. 

You can either have one big mirror or arrange a set of mirrors on an empty wall. Interior decorators believe wall mirror art should be placed near across the windows for best reflection and decor results. 

9. Wall Art Sculpture

An art sculpture on the wall of your home or office would stop your guests right in their tracks. We are all used to seeing art sculptures in museums and classy events but you can use this trendy wall art in your home too. You can even DIY your own sculpture and hang it on the wall above the sofa or by the entertainment set. 

From woven baskets and crafted pieces to handmade figurines and animal replicas, you have a wide range of sculptures to decorate your wall with. In 2022, wall art sculptures are used alone on empty walls as a statement piece. 

10. Green Wall

Showcase you are one with nature with a green wall. You can either go for real or artificial plants on the wall of your space to give it a natural ambiance. This 2022 wall art trend is commonly used in hangout spots, restaurants, and flower stores. 

Climbing roses, Honeysuckle, and Trumpet vine are among the most commonly-grown plants on building walls. These plants beautify your wall with their buds and flowers, and you also enjoy the fresh scents that they produce. Contact your local florist for tips on what plants to use on your green wall. 

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