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LED custom neon lights are a recent trend in the party decoration industry. They are more eco-friendly than traditional light-up decor because they are made with minimal materials and bulbs with the highest efficiency ratings. You can use bright custom neon signs at parties, club nights, weddings, and any holiday celebration. There is no end to the uses of these amazing products.

Neon Sign for Room Decor Shine at Parties

Home decors with led neon signs can set the mood at any party or social gathering. LED light signs are especially great because they come in every color imaginable. Echo Neon signs Studios offers both colored bulbs and tubing so the design you choose shows up whether you are in a dim room or bright outdoor location. You can even mix and match the different colors to get a truly creative unique look that is all your own.

Colors include red, pink, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, and both cool and warm white. You can even choose color cycling features, rainbow designs, and dimmer switches to add extra style to your party celebration. This helps you match with other decorations, wedding theme colors, or holiday-specific hues. Neon light signs decorations stand out even more than traditional options and help make your party super fun.

What Custom Neon Sign to Choose for Party Designs?

We all know that neon sign comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is always a great idea to take a step back and know what type of neon tube sign to purchase for your event. Luckily, you have access to the widest array of graphic and text designs available on the market today right here at Echo Neon. Every option will give you a high-quality product that will be aesthetically pleasing to your guests.

You can use LED light signs for all kinds of party designs. You can use them to highlight your theme or brighten a single word or phrase like “Happy Birthday”. Explore all the pages of different premade designs to find something perfect for the event or guest of honor or for the kid’s room and home decor.

Custom neon signs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you should make sure that you buy one that is appropriate for the space. If you want to be able to see it from afar, then choose a bigger size like 36″x24″. Smaller neon light wall art can work exceptionally well in different spaces. Also, consider whether people will want to take pictures in front of the neon signs and how you can frame the perfect shot to create lasting memories.

Unique Ideas for Different Parties and Special Events

Custom neon lights look great for any type of party, but these are some of the most popular that people buy them for. Remember that these affordable novelty lighting options also work great as decorations at home after the big day is done. The accent piece can turn into a gift that lasts for years.

These energy-efficient signs are a fantastic way to create a remarkable ‘Birthday’ sign ideas are a fantastic way to mark the day of someone’s birth. The idea of having a personalized sign of great quality can be special and sweet. Great options include the person’s name, date of birth, symbols related to their job or hobbies, or traditional party designs like balloons, a cake, or a gift motif.

Engagement parties, bridal showers, and wedding receptions are also common places to use neon signs for room decor. Neon light signs are a terrific way to make your message stand out. Many couples use LED neon for eye-catching decorations and accents at photo booths, cake tables, the guest bar, or over the seats of honor at the front of the room. Pink and white are probably the most common colors used, but the full rainbow of options allows for the perfect match with wedding colors.

No matter what holiday you want to celebrate next, the brightness of the red neon sign can add a lot to the get-together. With the amazing array of customization options, you are sure to find a word or phrase that matches the sentiment of the season. Choose something classic like Happy Christmas in golden script or a bright blue Surf’s Up for the first day of summer.

How to Hang Neon Party Decorations Safely

Unlike ultra-heavy custom neon, the products offered from Echo Neon Studios do not need the strongest wall and extensive hardware to keep them safely displayed. Their lightweight means that any wall, window, pillar, or post is sufficient to hang up your chosen decoration.

You have two main options when it comes to hanging these custom neon signs. First, you can use the holes or hooks on the backing of the sign to affix it to the wall with nails, screws, or hooks. These are made in the strong acrylic backing attached to the PVC tubes on every product. The included hanging kit can help. The second option is to use a strong wire, rope, or cord to dangle the sign at the appropriate height. Some smaller designs may hold up well with double-sided tape, but this is not recommended for maximum safety.

Of course, check with the owner or manager of the party venue to determine their rules about hanging up decorations. They may only allow certain types of hardware or have pre-positioned hooks in the most appropriate spots on the wall. With these relatively lightweight options, you do not have to worry about causing damage that can increase your party expenses.

Nothing makes a party more festive and has amazing decorations. Your first thoughts may go to balloons and streamers, ribbons and flowers, or papers signs hung on the wall. Some holidays have traditional decorations like wreaths, baskets, or fireworks, but these pale in comparison to all the options afforded to you by neon signs. Enjoy the glow, color, and dramatic impact of long-lasting and efficient LEDs created in a variety of styles that suit your special occasion perfectly.

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