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Neon light signs have been around for over a century, but the custom neon sign, gas neon lamp, and glass neon sign styles have a lot of negative characteristics that make them difficult to use in homes, businesses, and for temporary party decorations. Luckily, modern tech has stepped in with much safer, affordable, customizable, and efficient LED neon signs. No matter what you need a splash of bright neon light and color for, you can find the perfect choice with these unique products. Premade graphic styles, customized words and phrases, and virtually unlimited options with a direct manufacturer company like Echo Neon Studios.

Safety First – Cool Neon Signs Carry Less Risk

Whether you simply want to hang something cool on the wall at a holiday party, wedding, or birthday celebration, or intend to decorate your home or business with awesome wall decor and neon sculptures, the last thing you want to introduce is an element of danger. Glass neon tubes are obviously more hazardous than strong PVC tubing as they can shatter the moment they hit the ground or someone bumps into them too hard. Also, the different gases used to create the colorful glow can have potential hazards for health and the environment. Disposal of traditional neon signs and table lamps is difficult, too.

On the other hand, led neon lights made in our designs are safe for anyone to enjoy. Hang them in a kid’s room, in a home bar, or at a busy party venue. You do not have to worry about them falling and injuring anyone who is trying to have a good time.

LED Neon Signs Are Much More Affordable

When it comes to cost, you cannot beat cool neon signs direct from Echo Neon, a premier manufacturer and not a reseller of these amazing wall art designs. What would cost thousands of dollars in traditional glass and gas neon fits into your budget much more easily re-created in PVC light and LED signs. This makes so much sense for any application.

Home decorating becomes much easier when you can afford all the best designs that you want to display. Creating the perfect ambiance at a party or special event requires inexpensive options. Very few people would spend thousands of dollars or more on one accent piece. The lower price points make these perfect gifts for everyone on your list as well. Best of all, you can afford more than one unique sign or wall art option to spruce up your shop, restaurant, club, or other commercial venues.

Delivery Takes a Lot Less Time for LED Neon Sign

How long do you want to wait before you can hang up your new wall art or signage? If you want to buy a traditional piece of neon with glass tubing, first you need to find a company that makes the type of neon sign you want. While there are many to choose from, it is a rather special skill these days as popularity decreases. After all, cool neon signs made from non-glass tubes and LED bulbs are much more common and popular.

The production process for a custom neon takes a lot longer overall than ordering his new variety straight from a manufacturer like Echo Neon Studios. With us, it becomes much easier to plan a birthday or holiday gift, party or special event decoration, or home décor accent just a few weeks earlier instead of months away.

The flexibility of design is another huge benefit of LED neon signs. Although traditional glass tube neon does come in a wide variety of shapes with both graphics and words, there are still limitations when it comes to size and complexity. Also, there are fewer color options to choose from and you cannot use brightly colored glass tubes to create a piece of wall art that shows up well even when it is not turned on.

The PVC tubes are more malleable and lighter weight, which means that any design you want can be re-created to a high degree of excellence and brightness. It also makes it much easier to create large pieces that span a whole wall. Although we already have a wide variety of premade designs in many categories to choose from, you can always contact us for additional customization options.

Words and Phrases Shine in More Colors and Fonts

Speaking of custom styles, nothing beats the myriad options when it comes to creating words and phrases in bright glowing neon. Visit our customization page to learn more about everything you can do with our unique products. First, you can choose any word or phrase you would like to have immortalized in an LED glow. Perhaps you want to make a name sign for a birthday, wedding celebration, either in a kid’s room or in a man cave. Consider a meaningful word like chill, piece, or love for home décor. Your business can even share its brand name, motto, or special offers with ease.

How many different combinations of style, color, and font can you think of? We offer both colored tubes and clear tubes with colored lights to make cool and intriguing combinations. Select fully transparent acrylic for the laser cut backing or consider the color or printed pattern instead. Fonts range from elegant scripts and old-fashioned calligraphy to modern handwritten or serif options. Do not forget about dimmer switches or remote-controlled multi-colored cycling patterns. Create your own unique style with ease in ways that you simply cannot do with traditional neon lights.

There will always be a special place in history and culture for traditional neon lights as well as handmade neon signs made from cleverly curved glass tubing and inert gases. However, unless you are an aficionado of this particular art style, custom neon lights made from safe PVC tubing and long-lasting LED bulbs provide a better solution. The flexibility of design in shape and color is only surpassed by the affordability and efficiency of this type of novelty lighting. No matter what you can dream, we can help bring it to reality.

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