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If you are in the market for custom LED signs, all the options available may cause confusion. It is fun to pick out a graphic design or customize your favorite words, names, or phrases for something unique. Before you hit the “Buy” button, however, it is important to understand more practical facts about these novelty lighting products. Find out the answer to these five questions before investing in some of the most eye-catching, trendy, and artistic decor pieces available on the market today.

1 – Are LED Neon Signs Dangerous in Any Way?

Neon lights have long been the gold standard for every bright and colorful sign you saw. These days, LED bulbs have taken over the market and revolutionized the industry. The question now is, are the new versions dangerous in any way? Unlike traditional neon lights that used noble gases, the new varieties are incredibly safe. The absence of any potentially hazardous and difficult to dispose of gases make modern LED neon signs smart choice for any location.

The safety comes from two distinct points. First, the absence of inert gases deletes any worry about potential hazards in that regard. Also, the neon wall art and novelty lighting sold today is made from sturdy and virtually unbreakable PVC tubing with an acrylic backing. If these fall off the wall, the chance of them breaking is quite slim, and you will never get shards of glass scattered about the room.

2 – How Can I Design My Own Custom LED Signs?

Customization is simple whether you want a unique word or phrase created in neon or a unique design like your company logo or favorite image. First, head to the Echo Neon Studios customization page for text-based designs. There you can input any word or phrase you prefer and try out a wide selection of design options. We offer more than a dozen different fonts in script, print, handwritten, and other unique styles. Choose different colors for the PVC tubes, LED bulbs, acrylic backing, and more. We even offer unique printing or patterned options for the backing if you contact us directly. You can also select specialty add-ons like splashproof treatment, dimmer controls, or dynamic color cycling for a truly unique design.

If you cannot find what you want on the site or through the custom LED signs page, fill out our contact form and ask. As a premier manufacturer of these novelty lighting products, we are ready to work with you to deliver satisfaction.

3 – Where Should I Purchase Neon Signs Online?

Whenever you make any type of new product purchase, it is important to consider the options before you spend your money. We understand this, and we at Echo Neon Studios have done everything possible to make your decision simple. In order to find the most affordable LED neon signs, buy it from a manufacturer instead of a middleman or retailer who adds an extra percentage to the purchase price. When you choose a manufacturer, you also get a team on your side who knows how to deliver on your customization choices perfectly. It always makes sense to buy from the source who has established themselves as an expert in the industry.

Other factors that go into a purchasing decision include quality control of the products, customer service, brand mission or goals, and price. Here we only sell the highest quality custom LED signs possible, do everything in our power to satisfy every customer’s needs, and work to support meaningful charities, causes, and endeavors around the world. For example, we give a portion of every elephant sign sale to the Save the Elephants organization and offer discounts for first responders and healthcare workers around the world.

4 – Can I Afford the LED Neon Signs I Want?

Yes. When it comes to neon signs, the LED options are much more affordable than old-fashioned glass ones. This makes them highly accessible for all sorts of people who want to add something bright, attractive, and eye-catching to their home, office, or shop. The affordability factor also makes them incredible choices for party decorations. No one wants to spend a lot of money on something that may only be used once.

When you purchase from the manufacturer, you do not have to worry about extra charges so that retailers can make a higher profit from you. We do everything possible to keep our upfront costs down and regularly offer sales on certain products in our catalog. Check out all of the pages to learn more and figure out your budget for neon in your home decorating scheme, party set up, or business signage.

5 – How Long Will the LED Bulb in My Neon Sign Last?

When it comes to overall cost and interest in more eco-friendly living, the lifespan of LED bulbs is a frequent topic of interest. The good news is that these bulbs do last a long time. In fact, you should be able to get many years of enjoyment from LED neon signs even if you use them for many hours each day. Different bulb ratings put expected operational use anywhere between eight and ten years of continuous use. Of course, the exact lifespan of your LED neon bulb depends on what you use it for.

The open sign hanging on your shop door will still last an exceptionally long time even though you put it on every morning and do not turn it off until closing time many hours later. If you use custom LED neon for home decor, you will probably only turn the light on when you enter the room. The overall use of a party decoration will be even less. Needless to say, you will not have to worry about the glowing sign at the focal point of your birthday party, wedding reception, or other special event burning out during the festivities.

Once you answer these five questions about premade and custom LED signs, all information will point to Echo Neon Studios and the wide array of styles and customization options offered here. Get ready to enjoy the brightest, most colorful, sturdiest, most efficient neon novelty lighting that you can find anywhere.

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