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Are you thinking about investing in custom neon signs and want to find the perfect place to purchase them? Instead of buying any traditional neon sign on the market, you’re ready to get something designed to your liking, whether it’s a specific shape you love, the name of your business, or even a cute quote that will inspire anyone who sees it. So, where can you find a sign that will illuminate your personal space and match the rest of the decor throughout your home? Look no further than Echo Neon! Known for creating custom-tailored pieces handcrafted for each client, our company takes the necessary steps to exceed expectations.

What Makes Echo Neon the Best Company for Custom LED Neon Signs?

When you want neon lights, it’s crucial to get high-quality pieces designed to last long while continuously looking their best. Echo Neon meets the mark by offering handmade neon LED signs that add excitement and brightness to the walls of any building. Whether you’re planning to use them in your bedroom, living room, or even inside your business to capture the attention of your clients and create the perfect ambiance, you can do just that with these carefully crafted pieces.

If you’re planning to purchase neon signs, these are the following things you should look for:

  • Quality– No one wants to invest in something that breaks while in transit or falls apart easily. You deserve quality pieces that will continue to look as good as new for years to come.
  • Customization– While you can choose from commonly selected options, it’s important to have customization options. Instead of getting something that everyone else has, you have the opportunity to get a sign explicitly created for you with all the designs, colors, styles, and patterns you prefer.
  • Energy Efficiency– Although traditional neon lights may use more energy, LED neon lights won’t. Instead, they’ll help you conserve energy so that you can illuminate your space without dealing with costly electricity bills from consistent use of your bright, beautiful signs.

Echo Neon is a company that prioritizes quality while offering custom-tailored pieces that are energy efficient to help you waste less energy and still enjoy the brightness that comes along with neon signage.

The Advantages of Choosing Neon Signs

The benefits of buying and using neon signs are tremendous. Not sure what makes them worth the investment? These are just a few good reasons to have custom options created for you to place anywhere you want!

  • Increased Visibility– If you’re the owner of a store and want to create the perfect vibe, custom neon signs are a must-have. They offer increased visibility because these signs consist of bold hues that shine brightly, regardless of how dim the lighting may be in the building. Make sure you can easily draw attention to your storefront with these brightened pieces that will capture attention and have everyone talking!
  • Great for Use Anywhere– Let’s be honest, these signs are super versatile and perfect to use just about anywhere. Whether you want to put them on the walls of your home or place them in your establishments, such as a restaurant, beauty salon, or anything else in between, you can make it work. They’re the perfect decorations to hang on the walls, filling up lots of blank space with color and brightness.
  • Cost-Efficient– Don’t worry about running up that energy bill when using these gorgeous signs at home or anywhere else. Because they’re energy-efficient, they’ll save you money in the long run and won’t negatively impact the environment when you use them. Who doesn’t love saving money while continuing to light up a space with fun colors?
  • Completely Customizable– Another great reason to invest in neon signs is that they’re customizable. You can use them for various occasions, including birthday parties, wedding receptions, and other gatherings. And, if you’re not using them for parties and gatherings, you can use them on a long-term basis in your home to serve as conversation pieces throughout different rooms. You’ll get to choose from thousands of different fonts, designs, styles, and more until you find something that you feel is the ideal fit for you. 

How to Choose the Best Custom Neon Light Signs for Your Property

Now that you know why it’s best to choose custom neon signs and get them from Echo Neon, here’s what you need to know about choosing the best options for your property. Start by considering where you’d like to place the signs once you have them created and sent out to you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much space do I have available for these signs?
  • How many signs do I intend to put on the property’s walls?
  • What colors do I like best, and are there specific colors I’d like to avoid using?
  • Should I have my own logo turned into a neon sign?
  • What types of fonts do I like best?
  • Are there any particular elements that I absolutely want my signs to have?
  • Do I want to use a combination of text and images for my signage?

Of course, these are only a few of the important questions you’ll want to ask yourself to get a better feel for what you want before putting in your order. After you’ve asked these questions, take a picture of the areas where you plan to place these signs. You can upload them to the Echo Neon site to see how much space you’ll have available and test out different fonts, styles, and size options to ensure that what you order will go in the right spot. It’s always a good idea to take this extra step to ensure that you’re investing in pieces that will fit perfectly in the open areas of your walls.

While using the convenient customizer tool, you’ll get to mess around with sizing, font colors and styles, text previews, and much more. It’s the perfect way to see what that finished custom piece will look like by the time you receive it. You can also choose additional extras, such as splash-proof treatment and a remote dimmer. The remote dimmer allows you to quickly and easily adjust the overall brightness of the neon signage throughout the day, so you can lower the brightness when you feel it’s necessary or have the sign as bright as possible when you want to draw in even more attention.

Need a Neon Sign for Your Business or Home? Find the Perfect Fit

Whether you’re hanging neon signs inside your home or your workplace, know that you can easily find the perfect fit using the customization tool. No matter what designs or styles you decide on, you can expect to have energy-efficient, high-quality neon signage ready to hang on the walls. Prepared with solid PVC, a kid-friendly material made to last long despite regular use, Echo Neon offers safe products that use 90% less energy than your average light source.

If you want to buy neon signs that are worth the investment and won’t cause you to waste too much energy, the best place to get what you need is Echo Neon. Providing transparent and reliable services is a top priority for a company that takes great pride in offering the most incredible neon signage.

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