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Are you looking for trendy decoration ideas to make your wedding pop? Or are you planning a friend’s wedding and you need chic décor items to make the event trendy and glamorous? If your answer is yes, then you’ll enjoy reading this article.

In this post, we reveal the most stylish and in-trend wedding decoration items to transform any wedding venue into a lasting memory for the couple and guests. Whether you are planning a destination wedding, classic wedding, beach, or vintage wedding, there is something for you in this list of the most trendy wedding decoration ideas. Let’s check them out. 

9 Trendy And Stylish Wedding Decoration Items In 2022

The items on this list contain the most stylish and trendy wedding decoration ideas to thrill your guests.

1. Wedding Chandeliers

Wow your guests as they enter the wedding hall with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the roof. There is a reason chandeliers have lasted this long as a trendy decoration item for weddings and this is because of the expensive and gorgeous ambiance that they create.

You can use this gorgeous piece as a part of your altar décor, dining set, or floral arrangement to give your venue an extra touch of class and beauty.

There are different types of wedding chandeliers to choose from. You can go for a crystal, drum, waterfall, mini, sputnik, or boho chandelier to decorate your wedding venue. You can even combine different types of chandeliers to give you a unique vibe.

2. Wedding Neon Signs

Nothing sets the trend better at your wedding than novelty wedding neon signs. The multipurpose function of wedding neon signs allows you to use them to decorate the entertainment part of the hall like the DJ stand, photo booth, and reception area. The cool glow of the neon signs will illuminate the hall and create the perfect lighting to capture moments during the event.

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they see the names of the couple displayed in beautiful and vibrant neon signs. You can also decorate the wedding venue by using neon signs that display romantic words on the walls.

Wedding neon signs are the perfect decoration item for your special day and you have a wide selection to choose from. Check out this amazing collection of the best neon signs for your wedding or customize a unique neon sign for your wedding by using the custom-built feature.

3. Colored Paper Lanterns

Are you looking for a colorful yet trendy wedding décor item? If yes, then colored paper lanterns are your pick. Colored paper lanterns come in different shapes, sizes, and designs so you can always find the perfect fit for your wedding decoration. You can hang these lanterns on the roof of your venue or use them to decorate the guest, dining, and entertainment area.

Wedding decorators often use colored paper lanterns to create the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures and videos. The great part about paper lanterns is that they can be used for different stages of the ceremony from the engagement to the wedding and afterparty.

4. Wedding Flowers

Flowers have been used to decorate wedding venues for centuries due to the beauty they add to your wedding venue. Whether you are planning a destination, vintage, or classic wedding, you can’t go wrong with flower decorations. There are different types and colors of flowers to choose from so you can easily find a good fit to complement the theme and color of your wedding ceremony.

Either as a décor item for your indoor or outdoor wedding, wedding flowers are a trendy décor idea that will transform your wedding into a beautiful fairytale.

5. Wedding Drapes

Wedding drapes are the new rave when it comes to wedding decoration items because they fit just about any décor idea you have. Wedding drapes can be dropped, folded, twisted, and modified into any shape or design. They also fit indoor and outdoor wedding decorations so you can always get an upscale look with this décor item.

Whether you are looking to style the wedding entrance, decorate the roof, or beautify the couple’s seating area, wedding drapes will give you that mix of elegance, style, and beauty that you want.

6. Star-Lit Ceiling

Ever thought of how it would feel to have your first dance under the stars? Well, you can now experience everything you dreamt it would be by having a star-studded ceiling at your wedding venue.

This trendy décor idea creates a beautiful display of stars on the ceiling of your wedding reception that will leave your guests in awe. Modern designs even allow you to customize the stars to spell out words and create images that will have everyone stargazing. This is one trendy décor idea that will set your wedding ceremony a class apart from others.

7. Photo Display

Decorate your wedding venue with beautiful photos of the couple and their time together. These photos can be printed in small pamphlets and used alongside table lamps to create some entertainment on the guests’ tables. You can also create life-sized pictures to decorate the stage and photo booth at the wedding. This is a perfect way for the guests to share in the journey and beautiful story of the couple.

8. Food Display/Food Bar

What’s a wedding without food, right? I mean, it’s one of the things that draws guests to your event but you can now create the most stylish food display at your wedding. You can have the food displayed on spinning tables, wooden boards, and gorgeous plate decorations. This will have your guests salivating at the different delicacies on the menu.

9. Wedding Candles

Candles have been used for decades on romantic dinner dates, movie nights, and lots more. But who says you have to stop there? Candles can also be used to create an atmosphere of love and romance at your wedding.

You can use candles to beautify your aisle, chandelier, altar, and dining tables. Asides from decorating the wedding venue, the candles also create additional lighting for capturing moments.  Your guests are sure to marvel at the sight of a candle decoration at your wedding.

Final Words

In summary, your wedding day is a special event and you should decorate your venue and reception area with the most stylish wedding décor items. 

Regardless of the theme or type of your wedding, you’ll find the perfect trendy wedding decoration idea for it on the list above. So, nothing is stopping you from creating that dream wedding you have always wanted. 

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