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The majority of us prioritize indoor spaces when envisioning our ideal dwellings. Once we’ve mastered that, we can turn our attention to the world beyond. Particularly now, when any social encounter is likely taking place outside, possibly around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, it feels like every outdoor space, even a balcony, is an opportunity to create someplace warm and inviting, which necessitates a focus on lighting.

The perfect lighting can make even a little, out-of-the-way area appear nearly magical, as anybody who has glanced through Instagram and seen all the fantastic backyard ideas to illuminate outdoor spaces will attest. The choices are limitless. (This is especially helpful for making a larger space out of a smaller backyard.) Instagram users worldwide will have suggestions for how to spruce up your space, whether it’s a large lawn by the water or a small balcony in an apartment building.

There’s no point in us telling you all this if we don’t show you, so we’ve compiled the greatest outdoor lighting ideas to help you make the most of your space. We’ve got you covered if you need some summertime inspiration. We also provide ideas for outdoor autumn candlelit gatherings. Do you find yourself paying attention now? Good. Follow us to learn how to choose the most fun and interesting neon lighting for your outdoor space.


Things to Think About Before Putting up Outdoor Lighting

Check around your backyard to see what you want to highlight with lights. The pool, the spa, and the steps are all important places to illuminate for safety reasons. Think about showcasing landscaping, buildings, and patio spaces as well. You may wish to use uplighting in some spots while going for a silhouette effect in others. The function of the space will determine the best light fixture to use.

Get in touch with the local building department to determine whether there are any lighting levels or fixtures regulations before making any purchases. Play around with light strands or clip-on lamps in your yard, setting them at varying heights to observe how the lighting looks in the space once you know the kind of lights you can install. Remember the importance of fundamental lighting safety measures, such as utilizing only outdoor bulbs and being wary of electrical safety around water.

  • Patio Lighting

Small bulbs can be strung together to create a bright light source in a tight location. Strings of lights can be arranged in straight lines or crisscrossed for a more asymmetrical look. Which bulbs you use and how many you install will affect how bright your space will be. While spending an evening outside, you can choose to have a softer glow by using fewer string lights or adding more rows of Edison bulbs for improved visibility.

  • Illuminate Doors and Windows

Door and window frames can be illuminated by string lighting or bendable LED neon tubes. If you have a hideaway in your backyard, this is a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up the exterior of your home and make it more inviting to guests. It also serves as a helpful nighttime guidelight to help you find your way back inside after a relaxing evening by the fire or in the hot tub.

  • Rattan Lanterns

The use of rattan in outdoor settings is rising, and the material is also ideal for creating attractive outdoor lighting. There are a variety of globe-shaped lanterns of varying sizes, all of which add visual interest and ambient light. You should carefully consider the longevity of the materials you use. Real rattan may not hold up well in damp environments, but resin-based alternatives are more robust.

  • Lighting a Tree

It’s not uncommon to find the perfect position for a string of lights simply by looking up. When strung between trees, outdoor string lighting creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Solar or battery-powered string lights are your best bet if you want to decorate but don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

  • Wall Lighting for Your Front Door

When night falls, all front gardens require lighting, particularly those immediately adjacent to the front door. When two lights can do the same job, why settle for one? After all, symmetry is always the height of elegance.

These sleek black wall sconces are a modern touch that looks great against the white walls and goes well with the door’s design and home decor. Pink roses provide a touch of femininity to the scene, while exposed lights give it an air of industrial style. This is a beautiful way to greet visitors and family members.

Outdoor Neon Signs For Business

Neon signs aren’t just for the streets or the patio of your yard; You can utilize them in office corridors and outside spaces to reinforce a company’s image or communicate a message.

Common messages found on lobby signs for corporations are:

  • The use of illuminated lettering
  • Logo with a halo effect around the letters produced by LEDs
  •  Shining from behind the logo on an LED display.

The LEDs are sometimes built into the letters’ margins rather than the letters attached to the lights. You may make backlit signs look professional or fun, making them a great choice for any business.

When shopping for an outdoor neon sign for your company, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Purpose

A sign’s message may inform passers-by that your store is open for business; alternatively, it may introduce potential consumers to your company’s brand name or promise; or it may even use a catchy phrase to entice customers to enter your establishment.

You could use the sign for advertising a new drink or menu item at a bar, café, or restaurant.

  • Size

Some neon signs are large enough to cover a whole side of a building, while others are just small “open” signs for storefronts. The price of smaller ones will naturally be lower than that of larger neon signs.

  • Material

Soft lead glass tubes are filled with various gasses, including neon, to create the classic neon sign. The transformer is connected to the iron electrodes at the glass tube’s ends, which heat the electrodes inside the tube. It’s this process that causes the neon gas to light up. There is typically a metal panel or framework behind classic neon signs.

Because they are constructed with glass and metal, classic neon signs are not suited for usage in wet, cold, or windy environments over the long term. They won’t last as long if left out in the elements, so be sure to cover them up if you plan on using them outside.

LED neon signs are preferable for outdoor use because they aren’t constructed of glass and won’t break in the event of an accident. Acrylic, which is both strong and waterproof, is used instead.

  • Features

Waterproofing is the most crucial quality for an outdoor LED neon sign. Outdoor versions of incandescent and light-emitting diode (LED) neon signs are designed to withstand rain and snow. It would help if you didn’t take your new indoor-only LED neon sign to the great outdoors.

Advantages of Illuminated Outdoor Signs

If you want a visible sign in the outside world, select an exterior LED neon sign.

  • Naturally attract people’s attention; this is especially helpful for businesses open late, including pubs and restaurants.
  • It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; people will be able to see your sign, increasing the likelihood that they will become paying clients.
  • Seventy-six percent of people said they have gone inside a business they were unfamiliar with just because of the sign, and 68 percent said they think a store’s sign accurately reflects the quality of the goods or services offered inside.


  • More Protection & Security

In any situation, making sure everyone is safe comes first. When you’re at home, guests are most likely to congregate outside in the evenings, so make sure that all of the main thoroughfares are well-lit. Protect your house from intruders while you’re away with the help of outside lighting.

  • Have Fun in the Yard

The quality of your outdoor experience is greatly enhanced by well-placed lighting. Your front or back yard or patio is the best spot to unwind, have parties, and discover your neighborhood. If you want your perfect evening to include a meal under the stars, a campfire with friends, or a warm greeting, make sure the outside of your home is brightly lit before you ever get inside.

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