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Neon signs are trending again right now, for multiple reasons. You may have heard of people talking about them or may have seen something that has caught your eye recently? If so it’s no surprise. Neon signs are used in so many places for lots of different reasons. An amazing way to use your neon sign is at a party!

There are lots of reasons to use a custom neon sign at your party, not only will it be the perfect addition to your decor but you can also send invites to guests with your own personalised LED signs. Here are some great ways to use neon signs in your party decor.

Neon wall art is memorable

When installed correctly it becomes a great piece of art that you can actually use! You can create neon wall art for an outdoor party or even an indoor one, and there are so many ways to do it. Whether your style is rustic, glam, industrial or anything else the options with neon lights are endless.

Custom neon lights can match your party theme

A neon sign is great for all kinds of parties! Whatever your theme is you are sure to find something that fits perfectly. For example, if you are doing a tropical or Hawaiian themed party then why not go with the neon palm tree wall art?

This is perfect for summer themed parties and will look so chic on any wall. Neon signs can also be used for sport themed parties, if this is your style then you could customise your own football field neon sign!

Custom designs for your next event

You can get a custom neon sign for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a sign for your wedding, birthday or anniversary party then there are neon signs that will suit whatever type of event it is. You can create your own personalised sign that says whatever you want, or depicts whatever theme you want.

Buy neon signs that you can use again

When you get neon signs from Echoneon, the quality is excellent and the neon signs are durable and sturdy, so you can use and reuse them at more events and parties in the future. If you get a custom neon, choose something that you can keep using no matter what kind of party you host.

LED neon signs are great for party vibes

Neon signs are all about fun, vibes and unique designs. These are things that you want for your party decor, so what could be better than neon signs? Whether you are looking for neon wall art of an outdoor sign or something else, make sure to go with neon lights to get the most out of it!

Bar neon sign for a home bar

Get a neon sign for your home bar when you host a party. This will not only give you some unique decor for the night but it will also be great to have once people have gone home.

Your neon sign can say what you want, or show a funny message that will make everyone laugh and remember your party for a long time!

LED neon lights are the perfect backdrop

If you want neon wall art for your event, using it as the backdrop to the entire decor is a great idea.

There are so many ways to use this, and it will make sure that everyone’s photos from the night will be extra special. You can also take cool photos of yourself and friends in front of your custom neon art, this will make sure that your event is remembered for years to come.

An LED neon creates a buzzing ambience

Fulfil your neon dreams with an LED neon sign this summer. Get your party alive and buzzing with custom neon lights.

This is one of the most unique ways to transform your event space and will be really memorable for all your guests. On top of that, it will also create the perfect party vibe that everyone loves!

Generate free advertising at your event or gathering

Use a custom neon sign to advertise your business at an event or party. If you are looking for some advertising then why not get a neon sign to use as promotion?

This will generate loads of attention and look great in pictures, so it’s definitely something that everyone is going to want. Your custom neon signs can have whatever message you want on them, just remember that the larger the sign the better!

A neon sign gets people talking

Neon signs are one of the most unique things out there. They create a talking point at all kinds of events and will be something that everyone remembers from your event. You can have them indoors or outdoors, they look great anywhere! So go with neon lights for a glowing decor that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Turn your living space into a neon wonderland

Neon wall art is the perfect look for anywhere in your home. Neon signs can be placed almost anywhere, so they are great to have hanging up in your living room or bedroom. Whatever you choose to get, make sure it’s something that will fit perfectly with the decor of your space!

Neon light can be used outdoors

Neon lights look good everywhere but are especially great for decorating outdoors. You can have them around the swimming pool or on the patio furniture, what you do is completely up to you.

Neon signs are one of those things that will not fail to impress your guests, so having it outside is a great idea! When having a garden party or a pool party, a neon light is a great feature that you should definitely have.

LED neon lights are the perfect touch to add some vibrancy

A custom neon sign will bring some serious intensity to your event. The bright, intense colours of the LED lights create an amazing glow and will light up your party or gathering!

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