Cafe and Bar Neon Signs

Is it possible to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list at one online shop? We at Echo Neon believe we have the answer to that question: yes! When it is the thought that counts, you only need to think about favorite colors and designs when it comes to giving a gift that will make a huge impression on any recipient. These creative and unique LED cafe and bar neon signs have the wow factor for kids and adults of all ages. Choose a truly custom light-up artwork, signage, and decorations that will last for years to come.

Explore the huge range of possibilities perfectly designed for people with different personalities, styles, favorite colors, and interests. Options range from trendy words like “mood” or “chill” to more traditional designs like modern art squares and intricate mosaic tiles. No matter what design you select, you get strong yet flexible PVC tubing, and easy to hang acrylic backing, and long-lasting illumination. The gift recipient only needs to pick the best location and plug the neon sign in for a bright and colorful decoration. They are lightweight, safe, and efficient.

If you cannot find the perfect option on this page for your next gift recipient, click through to the other categories or visit the customization page to create a truly unique option. Family members and friends, business associates, teachers, and more will thrill to receive unique LED neon signs chosen especially for them.