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A child’s bedroom is usually multifunctional, since it’s not just a place for sleeping, but also for playing, studying and even eating. Therefore, the interior design should not only meet the needs of your children but should be fun too. You can always make use of different wallpapers or decorations to create a unique look that will provide kids with entertainment. However, by far the best way to provide kids with a place in which they love spending time is by adding neon lights!

Neon Lights for Children’s Rooms

There are many types of novelty lights, but none can offer the special appeal and effect that a neon light can. Let’s examine the top reasons why neon light signs are the best option for lighting a child’s bedroom!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

If there’s one thing we can all be sure of, is that kids love fun! They live for the stuff! A custom neon sign is the ultimate in wall art fun. Neon signs are fun and whimsical! If your child is into balloons, paper aeroplanes, unicorns you can look on our site for neon signs that will brighten your little one’s day and make them smile. Our range of kids neon signs for room decor is bound to have the perfect one for your little one.

A Kid’s Room is no place for boredom!


Make your kids laugh with Funny neon signs. You can customise our led neon signs into anything you want! Be creative! You can add humour and fun to your neon sign with just a few keywords to make them giggle! Having a Funny neon sign in your child’s bedroom will not only boost their mood but will cheer you up too!


The colour of light can affect mood and behaviour, especially in children. The colour of a room can be transformative and make your child want to cuddle up on the couch between those sheets for another chapter of their book. The soft glow of neon can help your child to relax in their space and feel safe.

Before hitting the hay for a night of sweet dreams, your child will love to be lulled into sleep by warm lights. Our neon signs come in many colours, from reds, oranges through yellows all the way up to blue and green. Pick the colour that will set the right mood for your child!

Kids often get scared in the dark.

That’s why you need to light up their rooms! A neon sign is an ultimate way to create a soothing environment for your little one before sleep. You can customise your neon light with words like “Goodnight” and “Sleep Tight” to help your child drift off. Make the most of our custom neon and create a sign for a child’s bedroom that will make them smile!

Economical and Safe

Safety is always paramount in parents minds when looking to buy something for their child. With neon lights, there is no need to be concerned about toxic chemicals or hot glass. Neon signs are safe because they are made with high-quality materials which ensure that all safety standards are met making them completely safe for both children and adults. Our neon lights are completely sealed inside a durable plastic tube making them 100 % childproof! They are not made from glass so you can relax that if there ever was an accident and the light was to break it would not harm anyone.

Our neon signs are also energy efficient and eco friendly using less power than other types of bulbs.

Events and celebrations

Neon signs are not only great to brighten up a wedding but can be used for children’s events such as a party or celebrations. Our neon signs can be mounted so easily onto walls that they can be used as temporary structures for your event. Once the event is over you can add them into your living space as home decor until the next celebration!

To make your child’s celebration or event truly memorable a neon sign can be used to add personality and colour. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, the arrival of a new sibling or an upcoming event at school your child’s neon sign can bring joy to their special day.


Most children like to have something unique that none of their friends has. A custom neon light in their space will help you achieve just that! They can be as creative in their space as they want to be! Get them involved in the design of the Led neon sign so that they feel connected and involved in their choice! Our led neon signs can be made into any shape or size you want so your kids can have something completely unique in their space.

Light Up Your Childs Room Today!

Led neon signs are not just a great way to decorate the walls of your child’s bedroom but of your home, office or business too! If you want some inspiration for home decor, office or business please look into our online collection or talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives who will be more than happy to help you!

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