Neon Signs for Kids

Kids love color and glow, and what provides more than a custom LED Neon Signs for Kids that is perfect for their bedroom, playroom, birthday party, or a childcare center? If you are looking for a new type of product that makes a huge splash and gets a lot of attention, consider these safe and affordable neon lights from Echo Neon. Our custom designs use safe PVC tubes that will not shatter like glass. The long-lasting LED bulbs give you over 60,000 hours of operation for high efficiency and energy savings. Nothing about the novelty lighting offered here is dangerous for children of any age. Enjoy peace of mind and exceptional decorations at the same time.

What do your children love the most? The extensive collection of kid’s neon signs includes fun animals like cats, dogs, and fantasy unicorns. Other designs feature party balloons, skateboards, and toys. Consider adding a custom message or your child’s name to your order in your choice of colors, fonts, and sizes.

Although the LED neon lights offered here work well as home accents, they also make exceptional party decorations. After displaying these glowing art pieces at a birthday or other celebration, they become amazing gifts keep forever. The creative neon signs add glowing whimsy and a true sense of fun to any location.