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If you already love the look of traditional neon and know you want to incorporate the style into your home or business, custom neon lights will impress you even more. So many options already exist for simple color decisions. However, it does not end there. Instead of solid colors and static displays, you can enjoy a much more interesting and unique look with any of the Echo Neon brand aesthetic neon signs offered here. The options go far beyond the expected.

Custom Neon Lights Offer a Rainbow of Color

When you think of neon wall art or signs of any kind, the first word that comes to mind is color. People choose this type of novelty lighting because they want to add unique splash of color to their lives. With other brands, you can expect a few primaries and some off shades like green and purple, but not an entire rainbow of options like you do here. First of all, you have the option to simply choose aesthetic neon signs in cool or soft white tones. The soft white could also be called off-white or warm white. It creates a gentle and cozy feel in any room.

Choosing your favorite color of neon light from our extensive range of customization options goes far beyond simply picking the bulb type. Start by choosing white or colored tubes. These strong and virtually unbreakable PVC tubes add deep red, orange, lemon yellow, mint, teal, deep blue, cotton candy pink, or purple to the light even when it is not plugged in or turned on. This is an excellent choice for signage or wall art that makes an impact all on its own.

If you choose plain transparent tubes, you have even more colors to choose from. Besides the aforementioned white and soft white, select red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, pink, or purple. The piece of wall art or text-based sign will appear white when not plugged in but will shine with amazing colors when turned on. Just imagine the amazing combinations you can select for any custom neon lights you have designed for your home, business, or special event.

The choices of color and style do not end there. Each Echo Neon Studios product comes with a lightweight yet sturdy acrylic backing for support and easier hanging. These are laser cut with the utmost precision to follow the lines of the words, phrases, or images you choose. The standard option includes a perfectly transparent acrylic backing that allows the tubes and bulbs to shine. However, you can also choose from a variety of colors that complement the overall look. Another unique option is to have the backing UV printed with a design or image of your choice. Contact our customer care and design team with your favorite options for more information and ordering help.

Special Effects Boost Aesthetic Neon Signs’ Style

If the amazing range of colors available for these neon products was not enough to impress on its own, Echo Neon also offers two dynamic options to create a truly unique experience. These special effects are the types of things that transform an ordinary neon experience (which is already amazing) to something out of this world.

Switchable Color – Do you struggle to make up your mind about which color you want your aesthetic neon signs to glow? Add a switchable color option and you do not have to choose. Whatever word, phrases, or image design you purchase can use this optional effect and make a huge impact on everyone who sees it. The entire product will cycle through multiple colors as you control them with an included remote dimmer control.

Dynamic Color – This ultimate special effect creates a wild rainbow of shifting light for any neon sign you purchase. Single, double, or multiple colors chase each other around the tubes for an amazing display. This effect is controlled by an app on your smartphone and has multiple settings for your enjoyment. No extra remote is included.

The Unique Options Improve Usability at Home and Work

As you can see, the unique options available for custom neon lights focus on the number one reason to choose this type of novelty sign or wall art in the first place: color. That being said, many people want more options for increased usability. Add splash-proof treatment to your neon sign tell protected from moisture. Please note that this does not make the entire assembly waterproof and it should still not be used for an outdoor display. It is, however, a good option in a bar, club, kitchen, or anywhere with slight risk of splashes. You can also choose a remote dimmer switch so you can change the vibrancy of the LED bulbs and glowing color whenever you want.

Custom neon lights are already amazing choices for parties, home decor, and retail shops and eateries. People love their look and the ambience they create. Now with these unique options for additional customization, you can create your own individual style. Multiple colors, shifting rainbows, special effects, dimmer switches, and more affect every single aspect of your enjoyment of these unique and aesthetic neon signs.

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