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Good lighting is necessary for business locations to add glow and good vibes. You can discover categories of lights to use for your business location. Nowadays, many businesses use neon sign to communicate with their customers. This lighting is best for wall mounting in shops.

Neon signs display messages and artworks in glowing colors. This lighting is perfect for both advertising and decoration purposes. People can also use open signs lights outside their business locations. In this article, we will talk about modern open sign lights and what you should consider before buying them:

LED Open Neon Signs

Nowadays, open neon signs lit every type of business location. Now open signs lights are best to use outside your store. It will help you tell your customers that your business is ready for them. Now, open signage also creates a welcoming environment for the customers at the business locations. People can buy this LED neon sign through an online neon sign shop.

Here, you can form an account to login and check the best quality open neon signs for your business locations. Online neon stores also provide fast delivery for bright neon signs to the customers. There is safety in the online shopping of neon signs. So, you can order an open neon sign online anytime in any country.

Custom Open Sign

People can also customize open neon signs for their business locations. Also, people can create custom neon signs in any shape, font, size, and colours. You can also add any artwork, quote, or logo to your custom neon sign. For example, you can create a custom open neon sign of your shoes company. Also, it is easy to create a custom neon sign through an online neon store.

You can use their customization tool to design your neon sign. You will get the freedom to pick any font, size, and color through this customization tool. After your custom light sign is ready, you can go for the checkout process. You will get many options for payment methods online.

Types Of Open Signs

You can use accurate open signs for shops. Also, these neon signs are perfect for use outside bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, gyms, hair and beauty salons, and more. You can also showcase your shop’s opening hours through an open for business sign. If you customize this neon sign, you can also mention additional details. Many people also add their brand’s logo or name on the neon sign.

There are also open home signs available. These real estate signs help to attract customers to the houses. The demand for open home signs is also increasing everywhere. So, you can place this neon home sign outside a property you want to sell.

Things To Consider Before Buying LED Open Neon Signs

You have to keep some things in your mind before purchasing a LED open neon sign for your business location:


You have to consider the quality of an open neon sign before buying it. People can choose LED neon signs as they provide many benefits to the users. They are long-lasting and also use less energy to light up any place. So, you can invest your money in the best quality LED open neon sign for your business.


People also have to consider their budget before purchasing a LED open sign. Different LED open signs are available at various prices. You can buy an open neon sign that will suit your budget. So, invest your money in an affordable LED open sign.

Acrylic Backing

You can also consider the acrylic backing of an LED open sign before purchasing it. Various styles are available for acrylic backboard like metallic, UV printed, transparent, and colored. So, you can buy a LED open sign as per its acrylic backboard.


You have to buy the LED open sign by considering its size. Many size options are available for neon signs. You have to figure out if you want a small or big neon sign for your business location.


You have to consider the color of a LED open neon sign before purchasing it. The color of a LED neon sign must suit the area of your business location where you want to install it.

Benefits Of Using LED Open Neon Signs

Below, you can check various benefits of these LED signs:

  1. A LED neon open sign is more attractive than other lights. LED neon signs catch the attention of the customers quickly. It is present in various designs and colors. So, you can choose a stunning LED open sign for your business location.
  2. LED light signs are secure to use at business locations. Also, you can use this neon sign outside your business location without any worry. This lighting does not contain toxic gases and breakable glass.
  3. LED open neon signs are easily customizable. You can customize a LED neon sign and mention any detail of your choice. You can also pick any font, color, and size for this lighting.
  4. The lifespan of a LED neon open sign is longer than other lights. LED neon signs long last for seven years without upkeep. But, you have to take care of this lighting.
  5. LED neon signs are energy efficient as they use less electricity to light up a place. Also, they do not cause any harm to the environment due to their low energy consumption.


Q1 How Are Modern Neon Signs Prepared?

Ans. Modern neon signs contain the best quality materials, like LED lights and PVC tubing. Their making process is different from the glass neon signs.

Q2 What Are The Size Options For Neon Signs?

Ans. Neon signs are available in sizes from 30cm to 100 cm. There is no maximum size limit in the custom neon signs.

Q3 Can I Leave Neon Signs On For 24×7?

Ans. You must not use a neon sign for 24 hours a day. In this way, you can reduce the lifespan of the neon sign. You can switch off a neon sign after using it. Then, you can use a neon sign for a long time in your space.

Q4 What Is The Neon Sign Joined To?

Ans. The best quality neon signs are joined to an acrylic backing. This acrylic backing has pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting. The acrylic backboard is transparent and cuts in the shape of your choice.

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