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Today, an important part of outdoor lighting decoration is LED neon lights. These beautiful signs can transform the look of your building exterior when used in the right spots. But, how do you know the right spots for a neon sign outdoors? 

At Echo Neon, we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses to install their neon signs outdoors and we know the best places to hang a neon sign outside. Let us help you. 

Where To Hang a Neon Sign Outside?

Here are the best spots for a neon sign outside:

1. By The Entrance

Light up and decorate the entrance to your home or office with an outdoor neon sign. This is a great way to welcome guests since the neon light is the first thing they see when they arrive at your place. 

For game nights and house parties, a neon sign at the entrance will thrill your guests and set the mood for the event. For homes and private buildings, you can get a custom outdoor neon sign to spell the family name and hang it at the entrance of your home. 

During the festive season, a holiday neon sign is the perfect way to spread the holiday fever and beautify your compound for hangouts and parties. The sign will also make your place look and feel more inviting, especially at night. Your entrance will be a snap-worthy spot to get some shots for the gram. 

2. Class Up Your Patio

You can also hang a neon light on your patio, front yard, or deck. Outdoor neon signs have a way of popping against a wooden background, so you can hang the sign on the wall of the deck or patio. 

The sign can also be positioned under the roof of the patio, hung on a pole, or suspended in a corner to give you an alternative light source in front of your home. At night, the glow from the neon sign will class up your patio and give you the perfect spot to kick back and relax.

3. A Light In The Garden

Do you have a garden? Then decorate it with a garden neon sign. You can hang the outdoor neon light on a tree, pole or by your picket fence to light up your garden. A neon sign will also transform your garden into the perfect spot for a picnic or romantic evening with your partner.  

Your kids will love this too as they get to play and enjoy the cool evening breeze under the beautiful lights of an outdoor neon sign.

4. Make a Corner Piece

You can hang your neon sign in a corner of the yard. This will make an interesting corner piece and conversation starter. You can go the extra mile of setting up the corner piece with rocking chairs, tables and reclining seats so you have a great spot to entertain your guests and have a chat with friends. You can also sit back and enjoy a glass of your favourite drink in your leisure time.

5. Aim High With a Rooftop Neon Sign

The rooftop is another great spot for a neon sign outdoors, especially outdoor neon signs for businesses. When installed on the roof, everyone can see the neon light and this will be a perfect advertising strategy to boost your brand’s popularity and customer base. 

If you are a nightlife enthusiast or you run a nighttime hangout spot, a bar neon sign will improve the ambiance of your space and make it more inviting to guests. Clubs, sports bars, and pubs all hang bar neon signs on the rooftop outside their business place to attract people and make their space more beautiful.

6. Wall Art On The Fence

The trendy designs and perfect blend of colours of LED neon signs make them the perfect wall art to decorate your fence. The neon light could be drawn from a popular quote, TV character, or image. You can get cool neon signs to decorate your fence and improve the lighting around your home.

7. Poolside is Best

Do you have a pool? Then transform the poolside and make it more fun with outdoor neon signs. A common practice is hanging a series of small neon signs on the walls around the pool side. This will look amazing whenever you decide to host a pool party or have friends over. 

The light from the neon signs will also reflect on and beneath the water in the pool to create light rays that will beautify your space. You can also hang neon signs around the pool side to indicate where places like the bathroom and changing room are. 

Can Neon Signs Be Used Outdoors?

You can use a neon sign outdoors as long as the sign is protected from the elements. Neon signs are electrical devices that shouldn’t be exposed to rainfall, snow, ice, or UV rays from the sun. So, the sign should be installed under a shade or tarp.

Constant exposure to the heat and UV rays from the sun and humidity will gradually deteriorate your neon sign causing the transparent tubes to become blurry. For outdoor neon lights, you should ensure that the sign receives the “Splash-Proof Treatment.” This limits the effect of rainfall and humidity on your neon light. 

How Do You Know The Best Place For A Neon Sign Outside?

Here are expert tips to know the best spot to hang your neon sign outside:

Consider The Reason For Getting The Neon Sign

The reason for getting the sign determines where to hang it. Did you get the outdoor neon light to beautify your building exterior or to attract people to your business place? 

If you are interested in its aesthetic value, then you can hang the sign under the roof or by the fence to beautify your space. If you purchased the sign to attract customers, then it should be in front of your business place or on the roof where it is visible to passers-by and drivers.

Is It Protected From The Elements?

You should only hang a neon sign where it is protected from the harsh conditions of the elements. Rainfall, snow, ice, and constant exposure to sunlight can damage your neon sign over time, so it’s important to keep the outdoor neon light protected. You should also ensure the sign is positioned away from the curious hands of kids and guests. 

Final Words

In summary, neon signs are great for outdoor decoration. The display, font, and colours of the sign create a visual entertainment that people can’t say no to. So, if you want to attract people’s attention or decorate your building exterior, a neon sign is a perfect fit and now you know the best spots to hang the sign outdoors. So, visit Echo Neon to shop from the widest collection of outdoor neon signs to get started. 

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