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A neon sign is a super versatile form of lighting that can achieve many different vibes all in the same room. They’re great for any living space, including bathrooms, a home bar, and a kids room. They can be dark, romantic, festive, or even modern. They are often seen in huge cities on streets and buildings but also in some homes that look to achieve a more retro or vintage look.

Our Echoneon customisable neon signs are available in many different colours including pink, blue, yellow, green and orange. Each colour of neon has its own unique properties and will look different in a room. For example, choose green if you’re looking to achieve a more vintage vibe and pink would be good for a modern or romantic look. Blue is another popular colour that pops up when you search for neon lights.

They make amazing mood lighting

Neon lights are great for providing mood lighting and can be hung above tables or behind couches. You can also wrap them around chairs, poles or even just place them on the floor! Neon lights work well as an interesting light source for parties and special occasions such as Halloween and New Years Eve. Neon light signs can be novelty lights which makes them great as a special night light or for a party.

They’re bright yet energy-efficient

Neon lights are practical in any living space because they can be brighter than regular lightbulbs.

Dimmable and durable

Echoneon also provides dimmable neons. Neon lights require very little electricity and are very energy efficient, and will therefore not make huge holes in your electricity bill. An LED neon light has a long lifespan and is very durable.

They can make spaces buzz

Neons are often used as decoration in many cafes, restaurants and bars. In fact, you’ll find that a lot of cafes have neon signs outside their shops promoting to passers-by.

LED neon light signs are great for a party

Not only is this useful for businesses but it makes the space feel electric and alive. As novelty lights, they can be great to advertise free giveaways or special offers in shops or busy locations. They can also be a great piece of home decor for a party, and brighten up your house.

If you’re looking for a unique look then neons are a great option because they’re not widespread and only used in certain situations like restaurants, bars and cafes.

They can make spaces peaceful

Just like bright lighting, LED neon signs can also make a space feel more relaxing and peaceful despite them being bright. This is something that many restaurants do well as they use dimmers to adjust the brightness of the neon lights depending on the time of day and how busy it is. A neon sign is a great piece for any space and home decor to achieve a more vintage, modern or cosy vibe.

They can be used in so many different ways

As mentioned earlier, neon lights can be used behind couches, on wall brackets and even as individual decorations. Neon lights are great pieces of decor that can really change a space for the better.

They can be used for countless purposes, are super bright and only require a very little amount of power to run. Echoneon lamps come in many different colours including pink, green, orange, yellow and blue to name just a few!

LED Neon signs can be customised

Custom neon signs are great because you can get what you want on it. Whether that be your name, birthday message or just something fun! We all want to make our spaces feel like home so why not add some words for more of a personal touch? You can make your neon lights as wall art, such as a neon leaf light or a custom neon sign for a kids room.

From the moment they were invented in France, neon signs have had a mass appeal from the United Kingdom to Australia and will continue to do so. You’ll find that restaurants, bars and cafes are now opting to use LED Neon signs as opposed to traditional neon lights. This is because LED neon signs are much easier to run and maintain. They don’t require the same amount of electricity as regular neons meaning they can cost much less in terms of running costs.

They’re super easy to put up

Neon lights only require a very small amount of wall space and will often come with brackets or stands that can be easily attached. They don’t actually need to be drilled into a wall which makes them easy to move around when you’re redecorating your space.

They last longer than regular lightbulbs

Neon lights are long-lasting and don’t require changing as regularly as traditional lightbulbs. Regular neon lights can last for years whereas standard bulbs will only last a matter of months if not weeks before needing to be changed. They’re also more efficient at lighting up your space which is always great!

Why do neon signs look good at home?

Neon signs look good in a home because they can be used as a light source. Home interiors tend to have softer lighting so the brightness of neons lights might not always be suitable for your space. That being said, it’s still a great option for a trend right now and will provide you with some interesting lights! They’re cheap and easy to set up, can be customised to your needs and can really change the look of any space.

Neon lights are on the rise so why not try some in your home? They’re changing the game when it comes to restaurant lighting but they might just do something for your home too!

They give off an authentic vibe

Neons were once used in the homes of people because they were seen as a cheaper, more efficient lighting option. This means that neons give off a very authentic and nostalgic vibe which is something we’re currently fond of.

They look great with every decor style

Neon light can be incorporated into any space and put on a wall in a matter of seconds. They make a perfect night light, and neon light is a great piece of home decor. They can be used as a subtle light source or as the main focus if you so choose! Add some neon signs to any room or wall and watch it transform before your eyes!

The possibilities with neon lights really are endless!

Neon signs are a huge topic right now, and they’re selling all over the internet – there are plenty of neon affiliates trending at the moment, and we’ve only just touched the surface of everything that there is to know about neon signs. So make sure you keep reading our blogs for great home decor tips and tricks and tons more cool ideas.

Neon light signs are great pieces of decor that can be used in many ways. They make spaces buzz and will even give off a more calming vibe depending on the colour you choose. Lastly, neon signs are not very common which makes them unique and fun!

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