Neon Signs for Home

Decorate your home with the unique style of colorful LED Neon Signs for Home. Any of the pieces we sell here at the Echo Neon Studio website will bring a wonderful burst of light to any room. These selections for at-home use cover a wide range of styles, tastes, and interests. They offer easy to hang alternatives to other wall art with the unique addition of lighting that can brighten up a dark corner or create an accent that draws the eye. You do not have to worry about broken glass, flickering lights, or annoying buzzing sounds like with traditional neon. The highly efficient LED bulbs will glow strong for years to come.

How would you describe your sense of style? No matter how you answer this question, one or more of these custom image and word signs will suit your tastes perfectly. Consider a Bon Appétit in the kitchen, a mother and child hug in the nursery, or a trendy city design over the couch in the living room. We offer everything from iconic symbols to art pieces in your choice of bright colors and sizes.

The Echo Neon Studio wall hangings offer simple installation on any vertical surface. Each comes with an attached acrylic backing that is cut to follow the contour of the PVC tubes. Choose virtually invisible transparent or your choice of custom colors and designs. The built-in hanging tabs and long electrical wire and plug make setting them up a breeze. The only difficulty involved is deciding which of these amazing LED neon home lights you will choose first.