Neon Signs for Apartment

Decorating an apartment or other rented home presents a challenge due to limited space and rules about hanging things on the walls. Rest assured that when you choose an LED neon signs for apartment from Echo Neon, you get a piece that makes a huge impact without causing potential damage. Our range of pre-designed and customized signs and wall art give you everything you need to show off your sense of style and love of city life. Options include simple yet meaningful words like Vogue, Chill, and more. Graphic designs like a bicycle or rainbow had splash of color to your life.

It does not matter where your apartment is or what your tastes are. We offer a wide selection of custom neon light designs perfect for you. Each one is made from a strong PVC tubing, custom-cut acrylic backing, and highly efficient LED bulbs. These are easy to hang up without drilling holes in the wall so you do not have to worry about your security deposit. These lightweight and safe neon signs add bright color and a soft glow to every space.

Enjoy apartment living more than ever before when you choose novelty LED lighting from our extensive collection. Simply hang your favorite design up, plug it in, and enjoy years of illumination and style at makes you smile and guests gasp whenever they come for a visit. If you do not find the perfect option for you here on this page, consider our customization tool to help you create any word or phrase in your own signature style.