Anime Neon Signs

Anime fans take notice. Echo Neon offers an amazing range of custom-made LED anime neon signs that borrow style from the coolest animated shows and games out there today. Either decorate your own space or buy one of these for the perfect gift or party decoration. Each illuminated piece of wall art is amazingly iconic on its own. They help you decorate your bedroom, living spaces, or anywhere with style that means something for you. Show off your dedication to your favorite anime with a unique and affordable neon sign.

The Echo Neon anime collection offers several unique pieces inspired by some of the most popular franchises out there. Check out the Gundam image from the popular Japanese series that has become a favorite over the past few decades. One Piece fans will love to see the popular designs and characters in glowing LED lights. Do not forget the customization options available through our shop that lets you create your own unique wall art for display. Each one glows with the brightest bulbs available.

These unique anime designs give you an amazing way to add light in color to your bedroom or anywhere in the house. If you choose to buy one or more for a party decoration, it also makes an amazing gift that will last for years. We offer affordable prices, complete customization options, and unique add-ons like dimmer switches and more. Each one of our anime LED neon novelty lights comes ready to hang with a transparent acrylic back and a long cord for easy positioning.