Custom Neon Signs

it’s time to glow with your Custom Neon Signs!


Customize Your Neon Signs

When you need a burst of color and illumination in your home, shop, café, or for an upcoming holiday or party, turn to us at Echo Neon first. We offer an extensive collection of custom LED neon signs and almost unlimited options for creativity. Our goal is to help you decorate your space and celebrate important times with everyone.

LED Custom Neon Lights and Wall Art Make a True Impact

Echo Neon has been in the business of creating exceptional neon signage and designs for many years, and our experienced professionals know exactly what it takes to satisfy every customer. With the right skills, tools, and attention to detail, we deliver the highest quality and most attractive neon signs possible. You get eco-friendly lighting that lasts for years.

Options for Your Customization Needs

No matter what the setting or special occasion, we deliver the best custom neon sign for you. Show off your creativity when you choose from a variety of fonts, tube and light colors, sizes, and more. If you are unsure about the best styles, simply contact our customer support team who is ready and able to help you through the process. We want your creative vision to become reality. You can enjoy a completely unique LED wall hanging in less time than you think.

Custom LED Neon Signs Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer other sizes? What is the largest dimension possible?

Yes. If you do not see the size you need here, simply contact us with your unique specifications. Custom LED neon sign height starts from about three inches. We do not have a maximum height limit at this time. The overall dimensions based on letter height depend on the word or phrase you choose.

Are other fonts available? Do you combine text with images?

Yes to both these questions. Our design team can replicate any font style in print or script. We also offer customization that includes your logo or any other graphic design with text. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and get a price quote for your vision.

What materials are used for the custom LED neon signs?

Echo Neon uses the highest quality materials for all our products. The tubes are made from strong PVC in various colors. The LED bulbs are chosen for brightness and efficiency. We do not use breakable glass or hazardous gasses so you never have to worry about risk.

Are these neon signs noisy in any way?

No. Unlike traditional neon or fluorescent bulbs, our LED signs and wall art make no noise at all.

How easy is it to hang these neon signs?

Hanging the LED art on the wall or any sturdy surface is simple. Each one comes with a laser-cut acrylic backing with pre-drilled holes to use. Other backing color options exist. All you need to do is choose hooks, screws, or other hanging hardware and use these holes to attach the sign safely to the desired surface. These lightweight signs do not require heavy lifting.

How long will it take to receive a custom neon sign?

• Free standard shipping – 3 weeks from order date (8-10 business days of production + 6-8 business days of shipping)

• Expedited shipping($98) – 2 weeks from order date (6-8 business days of production + 2-4 business days of shipping)

Do I need anything extra to hang the wall art?

Each LED product comes with a wall mounting kit that is sufficient for most surfaces. If desired, you can also use double-sided adhesive strips, rope or cord, heavy duty fishing wire, or similar product types.

Is the neon tubing attached to anything?

Yes. To provide extra sturdiness and make hanging easier, the LED neon designs are safely attached to a contour laser-cut acrylic backing. This is available in standard transparent or a range of different solid core metallic colors. We even offer UV printing for image-based backgrounds.